Guess what?  Done guessing?  It's October, it's our favorite time of the year here on The 4th Floor, and well we kick it off with a bang.  Well not really it's a short episode this week.  But that's good for you, This week we have our Top Ten List of Most Bangable Celebrities.

Our Movie of the Week is Martyrs, and Charity of the Month is The Childrens Miracle Network.  If you'd like to help out I'm participating in Extra Life's Gaming Marathon you can donate to this good cause directly here.

We go over our week's as well as give a brief Ravens Recap.  Our Intro Music this week is the Main Theme from Cannibal Holocaust.  In the show we credit the break song wrong, it's actually "Minds Playin' Tricks on Me" by Atom and HIs Package not "Where Eagles Dare" and we exit the show with "The Anti-Pop" by Primus

You can listen to the movie here.