Hello GIO, 

Well I promised that I would keep The 4th Floor here on GIO, and I intend to keep this promise.  Well this week is a good episode.  We present a new feature, The 4th Floor Top 10 List, this week's list is our Top 10 Worst Nerd Movies.  We ran a contest for Six Flags Tickets for this list, and Matt McMahon is our lucky winner.  We share his winning list on the show as well.  If you disagree with us or him, let us know...we love comments...

Our Charity of The Month is the Twin Towers Orphan Fund.  Please visit their site and donate in anyway you can.  The orphans of 9/11 have a hard enough time being orphans, and we believe that they should also receive adequate services: Health Care, Education, ETC.

Our Movie of the Week is Road Trip, starring Breckin Myer and Sean William Scott. 

We give our weekly NFL recap, and Review MC Lars' Album Lars Attacks.  

Break music this week is "Transformers Sucked" by your's truly.  Intro Super Scope from MC Lars, and we end the show with History's Greatest A-holes by MC Lars.


You can listen to the movie here.