On one hand I'm rather sad about writing this blog, on the other it's full of promises for me.  Recently I was offered a paid position on The Game Effect. Yes it's a competitor to this wonderful site, however with the goals that I want to accomplish, being a game journalist, I could not pass on this fantastic opportunity.  The requirements however, are quite extensive, and I am being asked to write 4 articles a day.  These will mostly be news posts, but I will most definitely be including a couple of Editorials on there as well.

I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye, and I really do enjoy you guys and all the friends that I've made.  I will be around the site, probably commenting on stuff, but my capacity to write will be limited exclusively to The 4th Floor,  I will continue to talk to you guys on twitter, you can follow me @TOGNick.  I wanted to say thanks to everyone here, but more explicitly the Blogging Community here.  Without your constant support and kind words I would not be given this opportunity and I wanted to just say a big thank you to the following members.

born4this "aka Dean: Through thick and thin, you remain one of the mos positive members of this community, I hope to see you commenting on Game Effect. Robot in The Corner to me will always be the second best podcast, second only to The 4th Floor of course, on GIO.  You and the guys have been a joy to listen to and you guys bring a great enthusiasm for games that makes every game you talk about sound like a mus buy

Carson: You're my broskie, and you're going down in Fantasy Football this week.  Vick will throw for 7 bajillion yards and score just as many touchdowns.  By the way we're working on stuff for The 4th Floor that may gain us the ability to have call in guests.  You're first on the list for guests when we get the appropriate software worked out.

Saint: I think I started blogging before you, but you truly are the reason the blogging section has become what it is here.  I hope for you to have success in whatever you end up writing about.  I will greatly be reminded of being Member Herded and all the other honors you have bestowed upon me over the past year and a half.

Demon Ragnarok: Bro, hang in there.  I know life is hard, but you just have to keep moving forward.  There's always a light at the end of every tunnel.

Euphoric Ennui: Another fantastic writer, it's a shame you aren't more active in blogging anymore.  I'm excited at the possibility of getting to meet you next summer.  Send me a private message for my email address and or phone number.  You have always been a great support, and I thank you for all the kind words.

Mray: Michael, let the bronies free, or at least relax a little.  GIOR is great and you are possibly one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met.  

Gamebeast23456: AGP ALL THE WAY, let's claim number 3 from GIOR

Mojomonkey12: Thanks again for being the first person on GIO to become a fan of The 4th Floor, your podcast with indie is incredibly fun to listen to.  

Histerin and the many others out there...THANK YOU for everything you guys are awesome.

To the Gameinformer Staff...

Thank you for the opportunity to be featured as a feature blogger on this site.  It has meant the world to me.  This site truly is wonderful, and really appreciate everything you have done over the 2 years I have been here.

Thank You All...