GIO Residents,

Welcome to another episode of The 4th Floor.  This week week marks the beginning of a new month, and as such our Charity of the Month is different.  This month we are focusing on The Red Devils a local Maryland charity that funds services for families of and those with breast cancer.  So please follow the link and donate if you can.  

Our popular feature Song of the Week has had to be pushed to the side and this week we are doing a Movie of the Week instead.  The movie is chosen at random, and we discuss it as we see fit.  This week's selection required no explanation for why we own it, and we also won't tell you what it is.  The fact that it was chosen at random is just too great to spoil.

We also discuss the Casey Anthony trial, Final Fantasy XIII, and popular video game remix site,

You can listen to the episode here.  Our intro music this week is from Anti-Flag, break music from Saul Williams, and outro from The Team America World Police soundtrack.

(Warning Explicit Content)