Ok so I'm hoping this list causes little controversy I'm pretty sure it will though.  I just hope that the controversy is over where the movies fall on the list...I wil tell you right now if you try to tell me that I missed any of the X-Men movies or FF4 I'll have to flip, I will excuse Iron Man and I'm giving it an honorable mention right here. I didn't want to do 11 double numbers are weird.  Anyway onto the list.

10. Hellboy II :The Golden Army

Ok so this movie isn't technically the best but Del Toro is a geniune genius.  The visuals for this movie are awe inspiring and Del Toro really makes me believe in this world.  Not only is the world believable but the characters are awe inspiring.  Good action, passable acting, and a good visuals earn this the nod.

9. Spider Man 2

I know it's cheesy to use Spiderman 2 I mean way to think outside of the box, but if you were in middle school and high school during the 90's like myself you had few alternatives (yes this came out later let me finish) than you know the pain of enduring through Batman Forever and Batman and Robin as you're onlly real chance to see a comic movie.  Xmen came out and restored my faith to a degree and than finally Spiderman came out and ushered in a new era of good comic movie translations.  Alfred Molina as Doc Oc steals the show for me. (Tobey who?)  I need to say that I read very few comics, I'm more of a graphic novel man which means these monthly comics go fairly unnoticed to me.  So I apologize to any Spiderman fans who couldn't stand this movie as I'm sure it got everything wrong.  A really strong performance from Doc Oc, and really well done graphics and directing ensure this to be the Spiderman movie to be all Spiderman Movies.  (I was going to include a teaser poster for Spiderman 4 but didn't want to rub salt in the wounds of those who are upset that Sony cancelled it to reboot the series, especially considering that I think Carnage was supposed to be in it).

8. Batman (Michael Keaton 1989 style)

So yes Heath Ledger was not the first to don the Joker Makeup in a movie and nor was Jack Nicholson.  However Jacky boy did it almost as well as Heath Ledger, sure it was a little more comedic than Ledger, but I still fell in love with the character that is the Joker.  Michael Keaton plays Bruce Wayne.  Yeah it's not as good as the reboots are but at least it was well thought out and fun to watch, and besides anything with the Joker is good in my book.  (The Killing Joke=Greatest Batman Graphic Novel that I've read so far.)

7. 300

In honor of The TNC I had to include the actual SDK, but I have gotten off on a tangent.  300 is a part of the new adult oriented comic book movies that have come out, which are based off of graphic novels more than serials.  This movie is really on here for two things, great action sequences and fantastic visual effects.  I mean I don't really need to include any other reason to see this movie, there's a plot in there and it's good, but if you watch 300 for A) plot or B) historical accuracy please by all means take your criticism and go and sit in a corner by yourself, oh and turn your back on the rest of the class please.

6. Superman (series excluding Returns that movie can suck on a goat)

May Christopher Reeves aka Superman rest in peace (as of right now and on the day of his death I'm listening to Superman's Dead by Our Lady Peace). Now that I realize may Dennis Hopper may he also rest in peace, what a sad day.  (You have no right).  These movies made Superman real, sure they are a bit ridiculous but still they are just pure awesome.  John Williams may have to be one of my favorite Movie Composers his soundtrack just breathes so much life into every movie he has done, and this is no exception.  I'm not going to do anything with this other than just say if you haven't seen these movies you are doing yourself a disservice especially if you've watched Superman Returns.

5. Kick Ass

Again much like Hellboy there is some substance here but it's kind of not there for me, it's hard to explain, but perhaps it has to do with the fact that High School drama doesn't do it for me.  That or I just wanted to watch some kick ass (haha pun get it) action scenes.  I read the graphic novel (spoiler alert maybe maybe not you'll decide) and was primarily excited to see Nick Cage died and he did so it's great.  Oh plus it's really funny and action packed.  A good fun time.

4. The Dark Knight

The Joker, I talked about the other Batman, and I guess I failed to mention that I am a Joker Fan Boy, so yeah this is up here in the top 5 for that reason, I mean really can you remember anything else that happened in that movie, other than how awesome Heath Ledger was as The Joker.  I didn't think so...

3. Watchmen

Any comic book movie that attempts to tackle the question of whether or not the ends justify the means, plus present super heroes as incredibly flawed and unstable figures is good in my books.  From the opening of the movie with the news clippings and other photos, that set up the world, to the end credits roll this movie follows almost identically the graphic novel, which is a near impossible feat apparently.  I could have dealt with some better actors for some of the roles but overall it was near perfection in comic movie form.  I'll also say special effects and art direction were superior.

2. V For Vendetta

If Joker is my Favorite Villian of all time than V is my favorite hero.  His anti-authoritarian attitudes and beliefs couldn't have made themselves known to me at a better time right near the height of Bush Jr.'s "presidency" this movie restored my belief that things can get better after they get worse.  There are also numerous other side themes that get touched on.  But really if you have ever felt like you were more afraid of your government than is healthy than this is the movie for you, unless of course you are afraid of Obama, than I suggest you go out read some books, watch news other than Fox, and think about exactly what Iraq was about if there were no wmd's and no Al Quaeda link, come back watch V for Vendetta listen to NPR and actually think.

1. Sin City

I know Jessica Alba couldn't act her way out of a paper bag but she is *** sexy.  This movie combined a cinema style that I have only dreamed about.  The selective use of colors is so beautiful and has yet to be duplicated sucessfully.  The Spirit tried but not so much.  This movie can not be described in words.  Yes I know it is cliche, main stream, whatever you want to call it.  But brilliant absolutely brilliant.  I don't need to say anymore do I.

ok so just because I teased you with the fact that I had a picture of the teaser poster for Spiderman 4 i'll show it to you just so you can see how awesome it could have been, maybe?

yes that says CARNAGE *** you sony...

Keep your comments respectful and you crazy conservatives and I know there are a bunch of you on here if you try to tell me that V for Vendetta was bad for that reason than you really do live in la la land...