Xbox One with Kinect and new controller


Ohh, A New Toy

Okay, Microsoft has announced their next generation console, and presented us with some of it's features and games, and had created some controversy over some of it's functionality.  When it was first announced, I was excited for it, and had great anticipation for what they would present at E3.  Since E3, and since the news of their reversal on some of their policies, I have had some thoughts on this next gen console.


Always Online?

I have been playing video games since the earliest inception of arcade games (like Donkey Kong) back in the 70's and 80's, and have been console gaming since the Atari 2600.  The first console I ever bought for myself, was the Nintendo Entertainment System, and I have had almost every (not all) console and handheld systems since, right up through the XBOX 360.  Out of all of these, I have NEVER had to have a broadband internet connection to play video games.  I did, at one time, have a broadband connection for a while, with my original XBOX, and had fun playing against others on Live, but I had to get rid of my broadband connection, as I could no longer afford to keep it, and had to go with a cheaper dial-up connection for my internet.

I took up issue with the XBOX One's 24 hour online "check-in" method, thinking that, like me, a lot of people may not be able to afford a broadband internet connection, in order to do this, thus, your games could not be played until they were "authenticated", although a broadband connection is needed to set up the system, so what would happen if I could no longer afford a broadband connection after that?  I kept thinking, that there has to be a better way that Microsoft could manage their digital rights without having to require an "always online connection".  I was also offended when I was told that with this, and the used game restrictions, that the XBOX One was NOT for me, even though I have been an XBOX fan-boy since the original XBOX.


Used Games Trading, ETC.

I also had a problem with having to download the entire game to the hard drive.  I understand one of the reasons for this, for a faster transition between the XBOX One's different features, but I still prefer to play off the disc, and wouldn't mind loosing the faster transition to do this.  I also prefer to rent games, I don't necessarily want to buy.  Trading games, I own, is something I also do a lot, when I have over-played a game and want to get a new one.  Granted, DLC and multiplayer have extended the playability of some of the games, but sometimes, I get really sick of the games I have, and need something new.

I was glad at the news that Microsoft had reversed these policies, and I would consider getting the XBOX One in the future (if I can ever afford to get one). although I will probably stick with the 360 until it's no longer supported.


Kinect: Why All The Hate?

Yes, the Kinect for the 360 is not all that great a peripheral, but the version for the XBOX One looks to be greatly improved from the original.  There have been a lot of haters of the Kinect, and I believe that this hate is unfounded, although I guess we will see, in time, if I am right or wrong.

Features we know about and can use: - Dashboard navigation with a swipe of the hand.  We do it with smartphones and tablets, why not with our gaming console. I would also feel like a Jedi, with this feature.  - Voice recognition.  Instead of using a controller (although I like controllers for playing games), we can talk to our console, and have it do what we want it to do.  Granted, this feature would be useless if, for whatever reason, we could not talk, but it would be fun.  - A built in camera, great for using XBOX One to Skype with friends and family, while you play a game, watch T.V., surf the internet, etc.  I also love that XBOX One can be used on Twitch.  This alone, would prompt me to sign up on Twitch, and share my gaming style with others.  - A feature I'm sure we would all like to see with the Kinect One, is the ability to use "props" (like a sword or golf club, etc.) in games, instead of having to pretend to have something in our hands.  I remember the video for the original Kinect, that showcased a feature that allowed users to "scan" real life items into a game for use in that game.  I wonder if this will be available in the Kinect One.  So, just think about how you could use the Kinect One when it is available

Microsoft had showcased several games at E3, but not very many Kinect One games.  I had high hopes for the "Star Wars Kinect" game when it came out for the 360, but reviews of the game dashed those hopes.  I figured that if this game was good enough, it could raise a standard for future Kinect games.  Sadly, that was not the case.  With the new Kinect One, my hopes are, indeed, high for XBOX One Kinect games.  Fingers crossed.


Final Thoughts

Like I have indicated, I have been an XBOX fan since the original XBOX, and prefer it for cross-platform and exclusive games.  I understand that Microsoft wants to bring console gaming into the digital age, but as it has been pointed out, we are not entirely ready for the digital age of gaming.  With the 360 being supported for another 5 years, I may stick with it until then, and, hopefully, by then the price of the XBOX One will drop to a more affordable price, and I can enjoy all that the XBOX One has to offer.

P.S.  I am NOT a Playstation hater, as I have had the Playstation 1 and 2 at different times.  The only way I would get a PS 3 or 4, is if I won one, or was given one as a gift, and even then, I would only use it for their exclusive games.