WGWC #8 is about fictional character journals, and I admit to being leery about this one, because I could not think of any character I could do a journal about.  I then thought about the one character, who is my favorite, that I could highlight, although I wasn't sure if I could do this challenge on a character I created.  I then figured I could, so here is a day in the life of Kei, the Chosen One from Kei's Creature Quest, who actually carries a journal to draw and write in....


Day 3

     After fighting demons and fixing a bridge, me, Kitaro, and Kenji had, finally, reached Mushi-shi Village.  The entrance to the village had an archway with a banner hung at the top of it, advertising the "Sunstone Festival".  Apparently, this festival is held every month, to see who can retrieve the Sunstone from the Mushi-shi cave, and apparently, the stone is separated from the entrance to the cave by a lake of boiling hot lava.  Yippee!  (That was sarcastic.) This town takes it's celabration of this stone seriously, as the fanfare is incredibly rediculous, but the fact remains that I need the Sunstone to help me find Natogome.

     We had joined the crowd around the grand stage, set up near the cave's entrance, the announcer was annoyingly upbeat, as he rilied the crowd into a frenzy.  The noise was so loud and uproarious, that I didn't even notice that someone had lifted, from my backpack, the Moonstone that Kit and I found in that underground pit, until I saw it "floating" away by itself toward the cave.  We ran after it, and followed it into the cave, almost losing it for a second, until we saw who took it, when he reappeared.  The kid was standing on a rocky platform at the edge of the lava lake.  He was scruffy looking, but obviously, someone who can turn himself invisible.  Little rat!  Taking my stuff!.  He aimed the Moonstone at the lava lake, trying to use it's power to get to the Sunstone on the other side, but I let him know the stone was useless without the Lunar Balm, to power it.  He told us that the Moonstone was the only way to get to the Sunstone, and that HE wanted to capture the Natogome for himself.  Turns out, the kid can not only turn himself invisible, he can also see through solid objects, which is how he knew I had the Moonstone in the first place.

     After rebuking the kid sharply, I took the Moonstone back from him, and applied the Lunar Balm.  The stone started to glow.  I then stepped up to the rocky platform, and let loose the stone's power.  The lava lake froze.  Kiyoshi (the inviso-kid), warned that the lake would not stay frozen for long, so I jumped down from the platform, and readied myself for a mad dash across the lake,...unfortunately, Kitaro stopped me and said he could handle it.  Kit had skates attached to his shoes (go figure), and he skated across the frozen lake and retrieved the Sunstone from it's pedastal.  Unfortunately, the cave started to destablize and was crumbling down around him, but he made it back across safely.  "No sweat." he says.  Ha, ha.  Very funny...NOT.  We ran out of the cave, as the rest of it collapsed behind us, and found ourselves facing the crowd of townspeople, staring in silent attention.  Kit raised the Sunstone up for everybody to see it, and they all cheered.  "We have a winner!" the announcer had gleefully, exclaimed.  I don't know how, but the little pest, Kiyoshi, weaseled his way onto our team, and will be journeying with us to find Natogome.  I guess he could be useful.

     Before leaving Mushi-shi Village we stopped at the "Shop...of...Wonders" to pick up some supplies.  Funny how Oto and Oka run the shop here and in Kama-Naru Village.  It was also funny how they recognized Kiyoshi, and OTO threw a fit when he saw him.  We purchased some more Lunar Balm, and got a flask of Solar Balm for the Sunstone.  (Why is it, that with each village, the cost of things in these shops goes up?  Weird.)  When I went to pay, I found out that my coin bag was missing.  KIYOSHI!!  The rat returned my money and I payed for the items.  After leaving the shop, I applied the Solar Balm to the Sunstone and it glowed a bright orange.  I retrieved my sword, which I had, previously, infused with the power of the Moonstone, and leveled up it's power with the Sunstone.  My sword is now invincible.  Next stop, Kekori Mountain.