What Do I Know?

It is said about writing, "Write what you know."  Everything I know, I learned from T.V. and movies, so what I know is often, second hand (although not always, I do have original ideas).  For my favorite shows, I would often create myself as a seperate character in those particular universes, and come up with alternate versions of the episodes I was watching.  My overactive imagination made me the hero of several, fantastic adventures, and provided hours of fun, like fighting alongside the Rebel Alliance, to fighting various bad guys, to seeking treasure in a mysterious, foreign land.  I was heavily influenced by the Sci-Fi and action adventure stories of that time, and still find inspiration with the stories of this present time, as well.  So, to know where I am in my writing, I think it's important to see where I've been.

Where I've Been

Even though my grades in High School English were not very good (I goofed off a lot in school), I did have a passion for good stories and writing.  One of my first personal, major writing projects was a fan-fiction story based on the "V" mini-series and t.v. show, where I used myself and several of my friends and classmates as characters.  This story was entirely handwritten in several notebooks, and was one of a few stories I actually completed.  After High School, I entered a short story contest, hosted by my local library, in which I place 2nd and the story was published by the library and was available for anybody to read.  The contest took place in October of 1988, so it was themed for the Halloween season.  At first, I was going to do a story about an alien, but soon changed it to a Twilight Zone-ish story about a woman, who thinks she is being haunted by her dead, novelist,  husband.

Later, I had attended an English Composition class at the local college, in which I was graded a B, a vast improvement from my high school days.  Shortly after that, I realized that I wanted to be a screen writer.  I had attended a writing seminar at the same college and had picked up a couple of books about Screenplay writing, one of which helped a lot, especially when I had written my television screenplay for an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which was an excellent story, but one I never submitted.  A few years after that I had bought my first computer and found Screenwriting software, which makes the screenwriting process simpler, and which I still use today on my current computer.

I have several different things that I have written besides screenplays including, lyrics for a song, DVD/Movie reviews, several different articles on different subjects, short stories, short stage plays, some "commercial advertisements" for church, and even a couple of comic book scripts.  My pride and joy, though, would be "Kei's Creature Quest", which was inspired by my niece and nephews, which I have a completed screenplay for, a follow up story (submitted to Apozem's writing contest), and my original "game notes" in case a game is made, and of which I hope finds an audience some day.

Where I Am

Most of my writings have either been unfinished, or finished and too short.  I feel as if I have not been too detailed or not "wordy" enough, the reason could be, I think of the story more along the lines of a movie rather than the story structure of a book.  Movies last about two hours, give or take, and books go deeper into a story and can last longer.  My screenplays have been of a faith-based nature and most of them come in at about an hour, not the standard 90-120+ minutes of a standard movie.

I started blogging here at Game Informer Online, mainly, to promote KCQ, but I have ideas for a couple on non-related posts, which I hope to post within the next month or so.

Where I Want To Be

I would like to take some writing classes from the local college, specifically, Creative Writing, and Fiction Writing, in hopes of increasing my writing ability.  I'm hoping to start doing my own short films to get some experience in filmmaking, and may start a seperate blog, having to do with filmmaking and media culture as it pertains to Christian believers, and dedicated to my filmmaking endeavor .  As far as my other writings, I have a second follow-up story in mind for KCQ, and I  hope to finish my other screenplays and even the short story I  recently, started called "The Antagonist", which I have been having a hard time figuring out how to end.

I have always thought I would have a career in writing, but have not know what it would be like.  It would be nice if I could make a living with some kind of writing career, but if it doesn't happen, it's no big deal.  Enjoy.

Written by: Varlen McIlvanie