Time and again, Game Informer's weekly Weekend Warrior feature is absent. For whatever reasons, there's just nothing like holding fast to tradition. I suppose I'm one of those sticklers for the details, so consider this your Tim Gruver-ish Weekend Warrior substitute. 

As Game Informer's staff busies itself with selecting the Top 50 games of the year for the magazine, I myself will be busily playing a few under-the-radar hits from this year that escaped me, namely Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time. I've been a recent Sly fan ever since experiencing the series for the first time on the HD collection some years ago and can't wait to see how Sanzaroo Games' entry stacks up. 

Apart from that, I'll be completely concentrating my efforts on polishing the final touches for my college applications for next week. As a humble community college student, I'm looking to finally transfer to a university, and I'm just a tad nervous to say the least. That said, I might just get in a little pixelated killing with Hotline Miami to relieve the stress and to go along with watching Psycho for film class this weekend.


So tell us: what are you doing this weekend? Playing any of the games included in the GI editors' underdogs for the Top 50, busy with between holiday school work, or just kicking back and staying warm? Write your down below and salutations gamers! 

Tim Gruver is the features editor for N00b Magazine.com. Follow him on Twitter or read his blog on GIO. He enjoys games, free games, good games, and long strolls down a game aisle.