The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has finally arrived this weekend and fans couldn’t be more excited to explore Hyrule as our favorite green-clad elf. To celebrate its release, why not enjoy discovering what Link you are? Saddle up, you Hylian heroes of old. Your kingdom and this quiz await you.

If you’re familiar to my blog's occasional series spotlights, you’ll know that I’m not a stranger to makingfrivolous video-game quizzes. You can perhaps view it the same. Series lore and ridiculously random multiple choice questions (all that the quiz is, in fact) await your able eyes. No number two pencil required. All Links are created equal, so no sweat if you don’t win the “best” Link grade. After all, what is winning if not being any part of some of Nintendo’s marvelous history? *Hint* I’ll be nice and not give anyone Tingle. . .

Note: Sorry if I couldn't fit in every Link I could for this quiz. Still don't know how I could've fit Minish Cap's Link into here, or Link's Awakening's Link, or all the others you're bound to call me out on, but know this: They are not forgotten by this writer. :)

Further Note: Republished from earlier to correct score chart


Question 1: What’s your home life like?

A) I live with my grandmother and little sister

B) I’m always studying at school

C) I have an uncle, I think

D) I just live out in a tree out in the boonies with some elf people

E) I mostly just hang with my friends and the sheep

FI just crash in my caboose

Question 2: (Gender inclusive question) Soooo. . . you say you have a hot date with a royal someone. Where do you go? 

A) Oh, oh! Let’s go fly our big birds!

B) All hands on-deck! Beach party!

C) A romantic twilight dinner by sunset

D) Kinda busy here. . . running through the sewers with my honey right now. . .

E) Train ride baby! I’ll be the conductor, you sweat in that phantom armor! 

F) Hide & Seek in the royal gardens

Question 3: It’s dangerous to go alone. Who do you bring with you?

A) I never go anywhere without this goth girl imp

B) My royal, talking boat

C) Some creepy pawn shop owner in a bunny mask

D) A floating, annoying fairy orb. 

E) A robotic goddess that sounds like one of those old Macintosh computers 

F) My princess ghost friend. . . not as creepy as it sounds, seriously. . . 

Question 4: What form of transportation do you most prefer?

A) Horseback riding

B) Somersaulting 

C) Running

D) Sailing

E) Loftwing

F) Choo-choo!

Question 5: What’s in your items menu?

A) Magic Cape

B) Bomb arrows away!

C) Sand wand

D) Beetle

E) Ocarina

F) Wind Waker

Question 6: What makes you happy?

A) Changing tracks right on a split-second

B) A nice, long howl at the moon

C) True love realized across time

D) Zelda slapping Groose in the face

E) Harassing cuccos

F) A hot bowl of warm soup made by my grandma by the fire

Question 7: Okay, so how do your loved ones keep getting kidnapped?

A) Giant birds

B) Evil, white haired, effeminate men in Michael Jackson tights

C) Kid-hating trolls (And not the ones on online forums)

D) Jerk Kings of Evil

E) Stupid train-riding body-snatchers

F) Fat Princes of Thieves

Question 8: What really freaks you out?

A) Creepy a** hands running up the wall. . . *shivers*

B) Demonic bureaucrats

C) Freaky, grinning moons

D) Disturbed, round men in green spandex

E) Deranged yeti girls

F) Guardians! RUN!

Question 9: What’s your method for puzzles?

A) Close my DS

B) Fiddle with statues

C) Raise/lower the water level!

D) Sliding. . . too much sliding. . . 

E) Tag teaming phantoms

F) Hit those ice switches! *runs back and forth frantically*

Question 10: How do you defeat your final boss?

A) Smack him in da face, hit him in the tail, throw some Deku nuts

B) Break out my flute, smack his horns

C) Mirror shield up! Fancy footwork on!

D) Light me up some torches and dish out me sword

E) Lightning strike! 

F) Swordlock! Backslice ‘n dice!

Legendary Bonus Question: Listen!

A) Sure, what’s up?

B) Shut up!


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  Tally Your Score:

Alright, your magnificent journey through this magical quiz has come to its fateful end. Tally up your score and see what Link you’ll be riding off into the sunset as. 

Question 1) A: 10 B: 8 C: 3 D: 5 E: 7 F: 1

Question 2) A: 8 B: 10 C: 7 D: 3 E: 1 F: 5

Question 3) A: 7 B: 10 C: 3 D: 5 E: 8 F: 1

Question 4) A: 5 B: 7 C: 3 D: 10 E: 8 F: 1

Question 5) A: 3 B: 7 C: 1 D: 8 E: 5 F: 10

Question 6) A: 1 B: 7 C: 5 D: 8 E: 3 F: 10

Question 7) A: 10 B: 8 C: 5 D: 7 E: 1 F: 3

Question 8) A: 3 B: 1 C: 5 D: 10 E: 7 F: 8

Question 9) A: 10 B: 7 C: 5 D: 8 E: 1 F: 3

Question 10) A: 5 B: 1 C: 10 D: 3 E: 8 F: 7

Legendary Question) Did you really think you didn’t know the winning answer? If you didn’t. . . *tsk tsk* The answer is simple: best friends listen to each other. ^_^


And Now. . . Le Results!


   If you Scored 0, count ‘em, zero rupees. . . you didn’t really take this quiz. . .

So, you skipped to the end of this darned quiz just to see the rankings?? In that case, no hero’s welcome for you. Angry? Well excuuuuuuse me cheater!




    If you scored 10 rupees. or higher, you are:

      The Royal Engineer


People often seem to be down on you, but you don’t let it get to you. You’re a train conductor baby, the rails are your domain, and a kingdom is better for it. You’re a kind enough soul to collect the wayward bunny on a train track as much as you’re willing to use some teamwork to get the dungeon conquered. It’s a shame that you only get a spirit to hang out with, but you find friends in all places. You’re great like that.

If you scored 30 rupees. of higher, you are

Legendary Hero (Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons)


Saving the world is hard work, but saving two? Multitasking is what you do best and battling two realms is nothing to shake a master sword at. You may feel like more of a heroic delivery guy chasing down every Sage that you need to get their act together, but it’s all worth it for that special promise you intend to keep to that uncle of yours. Double the world means double the coolness, and you still manage to pull that off in stride. If only you could’ve used that Triforce wished to get that sweet sword of yours back for a bit longer. . .

If you scored 50 rupees. or higher, you are:

      Hero of Time (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask)

If it’s hard being a kid, then it’s just as hard being an adult in a world always on the verge of destruction in any timeline. Sure, it’s pretty awkward to be bouncing between elementary and puberty every day when you’re “can’t reach that shelf yet” age one minute and “getting tingly feelings” the next, but someone’s gotta do it. In spite of it all, you take the colloquial Ganon by the horns at any age. You’re the go-getter, no matter what odds are stacked against you. Backseat driving fairies and Kokiri dweebs don’t keep you from getting the job done when you’re racing against the clock. Time has no meaning for you and neither should your game’s epic legacy. 

If you scored 70 rupees. or higher, you are:

Hero Chosen by the Gods (Twilight Princess)


Folks could say you’re a country bumpkin destined for greater things, and you meet them sooner than you think. On one hand, you’re a noble swordsman, a good neighbor, a gentle Link fit for any high class Hylian party. On the other paw, err, hand, you’re a fierce, untamed warrior of a beast so fearsome and awesomely ready to bite the darkness back. A humble sheep herder with a dark side you didn’t want, you’re armed with the best of both worlds and stronger for them in a world gone mad. You see the best in people, even when they’re chewing you out. . . or riding you like a stallion for that matter. Furry or humanoid, you’re the one to find faith in the most unlikely of places and bring the light into the darkness. 

        If you scored 80 rupees. or higher, you are:

   Hero of Legend (Skyward Sword)

So, you’re the daydreamer at the back of the class always thinking about adventure? If luck be a lady, then swords be a goddess for all the opportunities of a lifetime that got dumped in your lap. A wallflower who can’t talk to the popular kids in school one minute and a green-clad hero of legend the next, the biggest bullies in life can’t get you down, whether they’re tongue-wagging Demon Lords or jocks with stupid pompadours. Always the gentle link, you always put your friends first, even if it means saying goodbye to the ones you love the most. A good deed can be its own reward though, and you were more than paid off for diligence in the end. Top notch motion-control and stellar writing sent you flying high and it’s little wonder your adventure was the one to set the timeline straight. 

If you scored 100 rupees. or higher, you are:

 Hero of Winds (The Windwaker, Phantom Hour Glass)

You blow through life like the wind like there’s no care in the world. Your a simple kinda Link at heart: your family is the most important thing in your life and you’re an adorable friend to call for a day of treasure hunting and kids games. A day at the beach or playing with dimwitted disco dancers are great in your book, but if you’re surprising friendship with strange mustached men selling blackmarket maps is any indication, you maintain an unfettered sweetness and strength to your allies. Don’t be fooled by the kiddie look, you can impale Ganons with the best of them. You always listen to the best of what your boat says and keep that grandma in your heart, even after that lobster shirt. There’s no wonder why Nintendo remade you in HD, because you’re just that cool.

            Super Special Rank: If you scored 100 rupees AND listened to your fairy. . . you are:

Hero of Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link)


You burn with a sense of justice and your sword knows no bounds, eight-bit graphics be damned. The swift strokes of your blade landed you a retro legend. When royal nursemaids call upon you, you’re the one to answer. You saved the princess, got aTriforce, and shoot the villain with a silver arrow like some medieval Lone Ranger. Your heroism needs little explanation, because it was the one really that started it all for players in our world today. What more can you ask for? 


Happy Hyrule adventures everyone!

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