Time and again the GI staff happens to neglect some of its weekly features, namely the Weekend Warrior. With the Gamescom buzz still in full gear, you can't help but blame them. Nevertheless, it's the duty of this loyal GIO member to uphold the feature's holy prominence on the site. The summer is still not over for some of us and many will most likely strive to use those remaining amer hours wisely. I know I will. 

My Weekend: 

I’ve finally completed the quite enjoyable yet arduous task of finishing Final Fantasy IX and am now looking towards racking up my library of more retro game experiences. I started Psychonauts today on the PSN and find that Tim Schafer’s addictive sense of humor will most likely be keeping me occupied all weekend along with virtual, psychic summer camp. Meanwhile The Walking Dead will balance out the humor with tragedy. Quite a dark way to schedule my gaming habits, but oh well. I’m also looking to get some big writing pieces done for next weeka and maybe even draw something special for myself, might even share it with all of you. The remainder of my time will be musing to myself whether Ben Affleck will be the Batman we need or the one we don’t deserve. . . Happy gaming folks! 

What are you doing this weekend? Post those comments down below and lets keep that Weekend Warrior going. Cheers GIO!