It's sometimes easy to forget that games aren't just made for playing. . . they're made for listening. Games are filled with some of the best music soundtracks. While I could write all I wanted about the true beauty of symphonies and toe-tapping tunes in video-games, why describe music when it should be heard? I'm afraid of running a little late today thanks to a dentist's appointment and some other stuff to get done later tonight, so I apologize for little content from my own brain. Nevertheless, I think the following videos of particular importance to any gamer out there and there artists/ fan creators deserve to be heard. Behold! The best music for some of my favorite games: 

Disclosure: I do not own any of the musical productions displayed below and they are entirely the property of their respective musicians and or Youtube user fan vid creators. I do not attempt to claim any such ownership and post these purely for the enjoyment and promotion of the talent of their respective musicians and or Youtube creators. Thank You.

Portal: Stil Alive

The Portal series is one well-known for its off-the-wall humor and there's nothing better capturing that than Jonathan Coulton's brilliant end pieces. I couldn't choose between these two fine gems if you asked me, and I won't. Both nail the delightfully twisted soul of our favorite Aperture AI and at the end of the day, you can't help but feel cheered up by it in its own, humorous way.

Heavy Rain: Carnival of Rust

Quantic Dream developed a beautifully made story of drama and heartfelt humanity at its core and Poets of the Fall's "Carnival of Rust" invokes its gloomy, addictive feeling like few others. Aside from the priceless rain references, it fits the mood well and appropriate for any "rainy day."  

Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy Tribute

We may be getting a brand new protagonist and setting again for AC IV, but my start with the franchise and maybe its heart can be traced back to the Italian Renaissance and its hero of Ezio de Auditore. With no frills or lyrics of any sort, this video still wonderfully contains the haunting and poetic tone that Assassin's Creed is best for in its stories and settings and I applaud them and the vid's Youtube user for their work. Recquiescat in pace dear Ezio. 

Batman Arkham City: Drown in You

It's no secret that the Dark Knight drowned in a painfully long slew of bad games for a long time and it perhaps made his even more remarkable to road to redemption in Rocksteady's amazing Arkham games all the more spectacular. I love both of them, but Arkham City undoubtedly took my 2011 GOTY spot for its superior story and perfectly hand-crafted superhero lore. It's even better that its dark and gritty tone is captured in American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry's "Drown in You" from Arkham City's original game retail soundtrack. It fits the intensity of Batman in every way and I nothing short of love it for both Batman and as a song. 

Ratchet and Clank: Gangam Style 

As many good memories as I have with Ratchet and Clank, I could find few songs that could present the same wackiness it delivers. I believe this is the only one I've seen so far to do that, and thank Psy for best weird/cool dance number to have celebrities dance pose all of 2012. 

Crysis: Never Gonna Give You Up

Speaking of awesome. . . you'll never think of Crysis the same way again after watching this vid. It's just, well, words don't describe it. Thanks to user VeliPetter for such brilliant work. :D 

Mass Effect 3: Reignite 

They say that the darkest is always before the dawn. For every death and disaster that Mass Effect throws its way at you, you can't help but fight on, not for yourself, but for humanity. Mass Effect 3's epic final battle kicked that desperate struggle up to a ridiculous high and it's no better captured than by YouTube user malufenix. Please support her work any chance you have and like her songs. 

Final Fantasy Series: Now We Are Free

Final Fantasy contains many a precious moment and Youtube user kfetter16 beautifully combines some of the series' greatest moments in perfect tune to the classic soundtrack to the Russel Crowe film Gladiator, by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard. It's as touching as the footage itself is and deserves a spot on my list for sure.

AC IV: Castle of Glass

I'd never forgive myself if I left out the spectacular pirate adventure of this year's Assassin's Creed and both the footage and music provided in this brilliantly compiled video from Youtuber Volcomnosie shows off good 'ole Ed Kenway's buccaneering mischiefin quite the spine-tingling way. I do hope the game is as good as it looks because I more than look forward to setting sail for a good long-haul come this holiday season. Ahoy music! 

Poets of the Fall: The Poet and the Muse

Alan Wake is the best game I've never yet played and Poets of the Fall are one of my new favorite bands because of stumbling upon the game's clips on Youtube. Though I have yet to sit down with a 360 to play it, and I doubt I ever will, what clips and music of its I've seen on Youtube have made me love it almost as if I've ever held it in my hands. Alan Wake is the dark story of a writer losing his greatest treasures: his wife, and his own mind. "The Poet and the Muse" illustrates those two losses in grand ways and if you've never heard of POTF, I hope you fall in love with their tunes as much as I have. 

Uncharted Series: Its Time

Thanks to a certain psyduck emblazoned with Nicolas Cage's face on this site, I've been introduced to Imagine Dragons this summer and have been hopelessly addicted to them. They're my latest favorite band currently and googling, their music to hear more, it didn't take long to find one of their best songs in tune with one of my favorite game adventures: that of Nate Drake's. Uncharted is nothing if not a grand adventure across the biggest and most, hehe, "explosive" globe-trotting travels. Drake never does so without helping a friend or sticking to his guns, so its time he got such a loving tribute. Payback's indeed a @#$!, but it's a heck of a lotta fun. 

Metal Gear Solid Series: Still Alive

Technically this is the end-song for Mirror's Edge, a game I also now hold dear, but it fits just as well, if not better thanks to the incredible scene-splicing of Youtube's TacticProductionz. If you don't want Metal Gear Solid spoilers, obviously you should avoid at all costs. If you don't and like the series mythology as much as I do, then you should appreciate every bit of passion that was put into both Snakes' epic journeys through thick and thin. I know I did.

The Legend of Zelda: Original Score by Lindsey Stirling

Lastly but perhaps greatest of all comes my love for all things Zelda and this one vid in particular. Set over the most beautiful scenery you can probably find in this world and with equally spectacular music to boot, you can't get any better Zelda love than from Youtube musician, former America's Got Talent contestant, and "kick-butt good violinist" Lindsey Stirling. Her "Zelda Medley" is spot-on to the best orchestral goodness the series has offered albeit with her own invaluable flair. If you have the time, please stop by Lindsey's work and check out her stuff. Their awesomeness is worth the visit. 

Note for the above: Please go to the link above for "Zelda Medley" if the vid does not appear. Finnicky Internet today. Thank you for your patience. 

Don't you feel so good inside now? I hope you do and have a great and musical journey of your own this summer where you can find it. Any blogging suggestions or commentary is encouraged in these last days of my Inquisitive Blogger series. Be musical, be cool GIO.

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