Updated: I have had the privilege of blogging with the best and brightest of my fellow 31/31 GIO bloggers this summer, and it is with that honor that I preview the very first annual joint 31/31 blog. I've thought of many things for occasion, but it was a fight that we have truly been clamoring for in our blogs, hasn't it? With the approval of my friendly neighborhood 31/31 bloggers, I have compiled this short preview to lay out the basics for what you can expect to see of the spectacular spectacle. Please tune in on the 30th of the month to witness the greatest fantasy fighter battle of the ages the on-line gaming community has ever seen and please read and comment at your own convenience. It'll be a wild sight. . .

There are a only but a few rules for this match to come and at I hope they are to the liking of the group: 

1. The fighter characters featured will all be original. Super Smash Bros. and or other pre-existing franchise characters are banned from use and completely original ones are preferred for the match. Edit: mild series references or otherwise inspired by certain franchises are acceptable. They may use whatever weapons, abilities, special moves, and finishers you so desire and whatever name seems to stick goes. Humor is further encouraged but not mandatory. Characters may be serious, mildly serious, or just plain off-the-wall weird/silly if you so choose within the boundaries of site decency policies

2. I suppose as the volunteer organizer of the project, I will be compiling the necessary fighter data as submitted by the 31/31 bloggers. I will be copying and pasting their submissions exactly as they are in the blog as they come in and will be left unedited for their final version by the time of the match. The 31/31 bloggers will unanimously and democratically decide the victors based upon our own unique logic, but your reader comments will indeed be placed under "special" consideration. All data must be given to me by the 30th of July 2013 in order to be done by the end of the group majority's 31/31s. Sooner than later is, of course, appreciated.

Update: The group will be communicating by conversation on the site, as I don't know of a quicker, easier way to do so given everybody's different presences on other social media. Sorry for the inconvenience, but just message me or the others with your fighter data and discussion of the matches' victors and I hope we'll be getting this on the road a-okay.

3. The tournament will take place over several one-on-one matches, with the participants of the first two being randomly selected by moi from the cup below. [Forgive the unintended Hunger Games similarity] The winner of both matches will then be pitted agains one another in the final face-off. 

(Sorry for the bad lighting in the pic above. . . )

The randomized selection process and number of matches will be modified accordingly to any additional 31/31 bloggers as needed. If you would like to join the fight, please message me or the other 31/31ers listed below. Now, for the fighters! 

Behold! The current roster for the rumble under the big top!: 


In one corner: Destroyer!

With a love for all things Deadspace and Phoenix Wright, this blogging heavyweight and 31/31 veteran is in it to win it with his mad art of recreation skills. Don't underestimate this fighter. . . it'll be the last thing you see coming and you won't have time to object. 

In this corner: Saturday Morning Replay!

A new blogger to the site, Saturday Morning Replay joined this year to the impressed comments of many and he's no light weight for off-the-radar ideas and fast thinking. Think little of his Nicholas Cage Psyduck and regret it. The Cagemon is on the job and ready for fantasy fighting mayhem! 

Over in this corner: xl9! 

The master of top ten lists, the dude with the coolest bronyhood hero image, the guy wit da plan, xl9 is a force to be reckoned with for all things Smashed. What will this expert of fighting mastery have up his sleeve?. . . This Smashed Up tournament will decide. 

Here in that corner: Tim Gruver! 

Me! I need not say much about myself in a blog I composed myself. Anything you want to or should know you can find already on my bio. You need only know that I will fight. Fight for GIO, fight for smashing!

And our last but not least contender: Paradigmthefallen!

Opinionated, determined, and ready for a challenge, Paradigmthefallen is beyond powerful. He's the epitome of figher excellence and his technical genius has plenty cowering in fear of his nasty weaponry. His tinkering in gadgetry or blogging knows no limits and we all shun to see what he'll be up for next. . .

I suppose that the only thing left to say is see you on the 30th. Let the games begin!