Let me tell ya something punk, “Are you feeling lucky today?” Good. What do ya know, I’m feeling lucky today too. If ya haven’t noticed, this episodes’s the Inquisitive Blogger's 8th entry, and as such, I thought I’d mark the occasion with something commemorative, fun, and educational. Why? Because if you’re in China or Korea, 8 is a pretty lucky number. As someone who happens to be of the latter, it’s entirely right to devote this blog to the number [sorry number 7, :( ] and all the lucky things that follow it in our cultures. . . as they apply to video-games.

Like Han Solo, I don’t happen to believe in luck all that often, but what I do believe in are cheesy blog themes and that’s just what you’re gonna get. Who knows, maybe some good mojo wouldn’t hurt the success of this 31/31. Behold! The top 8 luckiest game characters that we hold dear: 

Note: Pic above not-so-suble reference to Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry. 

8. Jade [Lucky Pig] 

Beyond Good and Evils' classic heroine, Jade, may not have started out life in the luckiest of circumstances. Nevertheless, she's certainly one lucky lady to have around when it comes to giving lip to totalitarians if not just for the fact that she sports a stylish green hue. Intrepid photo-journalist, surrogate mother, and freedom fighter, Jade's worn more than a few hats freeing her home planet of Hillys from the tyrannical DomZ regime, but there's no denying that she couldn't have done it without her beloved Uncle Pey'J. Though losing her parents before she can remember, her portly surrogate father's care unmistakably gets her through even the bleakest scenarios. It's no wonder that the Germanic peoples still refer to good luck as "schwein haben," or "having pig." The piggy banks of our childhood are modern reminders to that luck. The Celts further believed in the pig god Manannan's ability to summon rain, though it's doubtful that Pey'J's belches would summon anything than foul air. If Jade's ability to snap every lucky shot and winning every hair-raising fight against foes half her size with what's essentially a big-stick, then "having pig" is a fine thing indeed. 

7. Spyro [Fireflies]

At first glance, Spyro's could easily be mistaken for the most unfortunate dragon ever to grace our screens. Scrawny, goofy-looking, and a horrible shade of purple, poor Sypro was so unwanted that he was dumped in the middle of a swamp and raised by a family of fireflies. Nevertheless, there seemed like nowhere to go but up from there. Getting mentored by a dragon voiced by Gary Freaking Oldman? Check. Having your worst enemy become your hot girlfriend in the end? Check. Having yourself be voiced by Lord of the Rings' very own Frodo Baggins? Check. Taking on an evil dragon voiced by Luke Skywalker? Boss. The only rhyme or reason for that kind of luck could only be tied to Sparx. Like for the Japanese, he's darn lucky. He's always there to thoughtfully question your actions and like the English say about dragonflies, he can grant wishes, even if that's just finally getting to the end of the game. Just from palling around with Spyro, Sparx is a "dragonfly" as much as he's a firefly, right? Bear with me, it works. (*whispers*) Just go with it. ;) On a sour note, other Asian countries also credit the dragonfly as a spirt of the dead. Quite the unfortunate coincidence for a franchise that hasn't seen it's canon killed twice now. 

6. Bentley [Being a Turtle]

Sly Cooper may get his name on the series casing, but the it'd be unfair to not recognize the real brains behind the operation. Sly's best buddy of Bentley isn't just an outrageously smart tech geek, he also happens to be a turtle and an especially lucky one at that. The Chinese have long believed the animal of the turtle to represent wealth, health, and longevity and that's exactly what Bentley guarantees the gang on a heist. His by-the-book planning and nasally delivered tips never fail to get the group in-and-out just in time and he's additionally one lucky devil to get a girl with of his own in the end. He's simply the best feng-shui a professional thief could ask for and the slyest of players would do best to give this brainy reptile some cred. 

5. Connor Kenway [Rabbit’s and Other Assorted Feet]

Lucky may not be the best word to describe the life of Assassin's Creed III's Connor Kenway, yet it's easy to see how lucky the good 'ole U.S.A is because of him. Losing a mother to a psycho with a Where's Waldo knack for hiding would be hard for any young man, but Connor turned tragedy into hope for millions by becoming the Assassin we know him as. The fighting at Lexington and Concord might've ended the revolution where it began had it not been for Connor's mad hand-motioning skillz and George Washington might've played bocce ball all winter long without Connor's insightful directions towards, ya know, work. These outstanding accomplishments couldn't have been achieved without a few hunts in between though. When you picked up a fresh kill, little did some know you picking up quite a bit of luck. As cultures across nomadic Africa, China, Europe, and the Americas have believed, the left hind leg of a rabbit is quite the lucky charm and as many as those and every other animal as Connor seemingly has under his belt, he's probably the luckiest of any Assassin ever. However, players probably didn't snag their rabbit's feet in the pale moonlight or with a silver bullet, so that probably explains why he didn't get to sign the constitution. That space-hog John Hancock. 

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