The fireworks and festivities of July the 4th are now behind us, but it hardly means that the nationalistic fervor for gaming has not gone unchecked. There are still plenty of 2013 and other classics to catch up on before next-gen rolls along and there's nothing better than tightening the belt on a backlog before school begins again. Whether you tasks are devoted towards keeping up your neighbors tonight with leftover 4th of July rockets or adding to one of GIO's many excellent 31/31 blogs this weekend, know that your country calls on you to relax in whatever way you can. You deserve it.

As I'm in the midst of conducting my 31/31 blog series of The Inquisitive Blogger this month, I know that I've already tapped out the traditional allowance of daily blogs on the site today, but bear with me moderators. Emergency circumstances often call for emergency measures and if upholding a site tradition is what that takes, then that's what I must do. I blog not for me, but for you dear readers. Besides, if you let this stay up, you could win that shiny helmet and cash in the picture above!. . . (*cough*). . . Maybe. 

This weekend I continue my 31/31 blog series and thus have a good deal of writing awaiting me. Not one to be all work and no play, I still have a good amount of gaming time ahead of me. I've gotten a headstart on annihilating my JRPG backlog and started Final Fantasy IX while Animal Crossing New Leaf will no doubt keep me busy with town projects to finish and wily citizens to handle. Since I've made a complete 180 on my plans to see the Lone Ranger after hearing such bad reviews, I'll be experiencing the cinema at home with the magic of Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Sadly, I'll probably be watching alone thanks to failing to talk anybody into its scary nature. I have however talked the family into watching Liam Neeson's brilliant 2011 film Unknown and will be loving that a 2nd time around. May all of your weekends be as magical as Batman and Wolverine pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Chow!