So the summer's in full gear and we have a next-generation of video-games coming our way. We've already had a full E3 and two game console reveals to fill our heads with, but what kind of questions are still out there? For that matter, what questions do all of us still wonder about gaming? In short, lots of them. Some would say to turn to your local holy man, or your counselor, or journey to the utmost heights of the Tibetan mountains, but why not your friendly neighborhood game bloggers?

In the manner of so many who've come before me, I'll be beginning my own 31/31 blog series this July 1st through the 31st to cover just this very conundrum of questions we face. The OCD in me greatly craved a theme of some sorts to follow, but be it as it may, I decided against it, or at least in the most traditional sense. While I might've been tempted to do conventional ones from heroes and villains to my top gaming moments, I wanted to feature the broadest and most interesting stockpile of ideas I could get. That doesn't rule out that some of these idears won't make it in some way though, just not as a prime focus.

I won't be able to tell you everything I've got planned until it happens, [maybe I don't know just yet myself ;)] but I can give you just a teaser if nothing else. So grab yourself a bag of popcorn [where applicable] and hunker down for the world premiere of The Inquisitive Blogger Saga: Coming Soon to a Computer Near You.


(*cue lights, cue camera pan-back, deep-voiced narrator*)

"You've changed things. There's no going back." (*duh duh*) 

The Console Wars have evolved. The War isn't over, it's just beginning. Spyware, Used games, multiplayer, launch games. . . this isn't the war that we were told about. (*cue epic reveal*)

"And there came a day, unlike any other, that Earth's mightiest developers united, to fight the foes no single developer could stand." (*butt-whupping music*) 

But gaming is a pathway to many features some consider unnatural. They learned the ways of the darkside to achieve a power greater than any distributor. Fees, DLC, endless sequels, it was a period of civil war among gamers. 

We are not playing with mere birds on a phone on the bus. We play triple A, HD titles from the comforts of our couch. "THIS IS GAMING!!!" 

(*action, action, chanting backround choir, lens flare*)

"What would you have us do?"  "Endure. The family appeal will never die. Sometimes the darkest games are before the dawn."

(*explosions, debris clearing away*) 

"Why aren't their any women in these games? Where happened to art design? I have so many questions." 

"Players are always valued. Companies will follow them; they will stumble, and they will fall, but one day, they will meet them in the sun."  (*major lens flare*)

(*Dramatic character turn-around/conversation*)

"Do you think this game ends just because you want it to? Your job is to fork over the money and keep buying games! 

Every Gaming Revolution. Needs. A Hero.

"In the end, life's all a game isn't it? Get busy play'in, or get busy not." (*dramatic crescendo*)


7/1/13. The. Blogging. Gets. Real. 

A GIO Production. 


     See it in Unreal-D. Opening Day. 


Sorry folks. That's all the previewing you'll get out of me 'till next week. 

Far be it for me to limit all the question asking to myself. That's where you come in. Yes you, the people, deserve a voice and I'd be glad to hear it. Join me in my 31/31 this summer and I'll be happy to share my thoughts on any question you sling my way. Any--err, any legal question and ones that don't pertain to, shall we say, "censorable" offenses that'd be attributed to a GIO moderated blog, but that's enough of putting any naughty ideas in your heads. :P Want to know why Samus can roll into a ball and not die horribly? Or why Nathan Drake survives anything? Or perhaps your curious about the finely trimmed mustache of our favorite plumber? I'll be more than willing to harness whatever mental faculties I can muster to aid my readers' dying wishes. Or not dying. Or whichever.


Perhaps I've rambled far too long. I have a whole rest of the weekend to let the creative juices brew in my head and prepare my best for you, so I might as well cut-off myself off from the key-board before I write my 31/31 right here and now. Join me this July 1st and together, let's rock the GIO house with questions. The field is wide open and the journey is just beginning. I suppose there's not much more to say than see you on Monday for the historic occasion.