For those of you who are Metal Gear Solid fans, today marks the release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance from Platinum Games studios. While plenty of fans and critics are divided over Raiden’s violent extravaganza of cyborg mayhem, there lies a far more important question: What Metal Gear Solid character would you be? C’mon, you should all know that, as much as we’d like to deny it, we all wonder who the heck would we really be in the video-game universe, especially if it was as neat a place as the MGS world. Thus, in celebration of Revengeance’s glorious arrival, I’ve crafted together this highly scientific and undoubtedly foolproof self-quiz to determine what kind of person you’d truly be in the MGS world. Please answer as honestly as you can and, most importantly, have fun!

(Disclaimer: The creator of this quiz is not responsible for any potentially misleading suggestions of character or personal tastes that readers’ final, overall quiz rank may suggest or indicate purely based on point total alone).

To start off, please select an answer from the following multiple choice questions. At the end of the quiz you may add up your point totals based on your answers’ indicated point value. There are 100 points total.

Question 1: How do you approach stealth? 

A) Stealth is always a must

B) Just gimme a good box and I’m good to go

C) I prefer my mechs to do the sneaking for me

D) Ugghh. . . Just thinking about stealth makes me have embarrassing accidents. . .

E) I hate stealth! Waste them all!

F) I do cartwheels and slip a lot

Question 2: What’s the special thing in your item menu that you couldn’t live without?

A) A cigar

B) A pair of contact lenses

C) Laxatives

D) Your high-frequency blades

E) Ammunition

F) Your spurs

Question 3: What give you your ultimate sense of inspiration?

A) Love

B) My dashing hair and killer trigger finger

C) Hope for mankind

D) My teammates

E) That things will work out okay in the end

F) Fart jokes

Question 4: What item(s) give you your best pick-me-up?

A) Old fashioned elbow grease and will

B) Sushi and a big slice of watermelon

C) Spaghetti

D) A nice cigarette and a warm gun

E) A light salad and a tall glass of iced tea

F) Tv dinner and a soda

Question 5: What’s your love life like?

A) Not good. I live for the mission.

B) Well, I do have this thing for losers. . .

C) I don’t know. . . was that girl at the sushi bar real?. . . 

D) I’m cursed. Every girl I love dies.

E) My only love is power!

F) Love life?. . . I just wanta ask my commander out someday. . .

Question 6: How do you feel about collectibles?

A) Eh, I do it for trophies. . .

B) Errggh, I can’t even find my controller!

C) Collectibles are a waste of time. Show me some action!

D) Whatever. . .

E) I am THE expert on collectibles! I just love finding every Kerotan!

F) I don’t have time

Question 7: When caught and ordered to surrender yourself, what do you do?

A) You never surrender, you fight until the bitter end

B) Offer your enemies a chance at serving by your side as trusted lieutenants.

C) Whip out your mean blades and slice your enemies to ribbons.

D) Cower in fear, praying you’re not hit or yelled at too much, or at least, less than usual.

E) Pretend that your dead and then nail everybody in the room with tranquilizer darts.

F) Surrender yourself, but plant a high-tech bug on your capturers in hopes of your rescue.

Question 8: How often do you question yourself?

A) Every time you’re in the bathroom wondering why you ate that last chicken wing

B) Never! Muh ha ha ha!

C) Whenever a loved one’s life is on the line because of you

D) Occasionally, but never out loud or in compromising the mission

E) In times of extreme peril

F) When you’re closest friends finally tell you that you made a big mistake

Question 9: How far would you go to save a loved one?

A) To the ends of the earth

B) I’d use everything in my tech world to save them

C) My last bullet is for them

D) I’m pretty much helpless after CPR doesn’t work

E) I’d save them even if they weren’t real. . . 

F) Love is weakness. Only the strong survive!

Question 10: What do you do to pass the time during outrageously long cutscenes?

A) Break out a smoke and listen to your I-Pod

B) Grit your teeth and keep pressing buttons on the controller

C) Play on the computer and look at lol catz

D) Fall asleep

E) Make gun sounds in tune with the on-screen action

F) Sharpen you sword

Question 11: How would others describe you?

A) Snarky

B) Ready to take over the world!

C) The troubled, quiet guy

D) An idiot

E) A true hero

F) A reliable friend

Question 12: Taking down bosses--Lethal or non-lethal?

A) Blow away the little buggers! 

B) No need. They’re not my true enemies.

C) I enjoy the killing too much I think. . .

D) Lethal when necessary

E) I’m a nice guy, so I always want a peaceful resolution

F) I’d figure that out after I get my gun unjammed. . .

Metal Gear Challenge Question: What’s your life dream?

A) Hook up with your hot unit commander

B) Enslave the world to fuel your military/industrial complex

C) Finally find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with

D) Restore peace to the world

E) Have a real family

F) To put down your gun and live

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