With 2013 well into full gear, a new gaming season chock full of new titles is already rolling its way around the corner. I eagerly await the excitement to come, saving my money for the gratuitous amount I will no doubt be shelling out for this year’s hottest gaming line-up. However, I continue to wonder: what’s the deal with the undated releases? This burning question combined with insomnia fueled boredom resulted in the insane amount of research and journalistic investigation you see before you. I don’t like to think about how many hours I wasted/devoted to this endeavor, but somehow, it seemed quite therapeutic in calming my thoughts about these awesome titles. Here, I compose a my top line-up of some of the best games to either have no specified date for release in 2013 or no release at all. May all of them hopefully grace our tv screens in good ‘ole ’13 and read on if you want to see them in your hands any time soon. 

    Developer: Ubisoft Montreal 

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platform(s): Windows, PS3, Xbox 360

As one of 2012’s biggest E3 sensations, Watch Dogs was also one of the year’s biggest surprise announcements. Not even having made rounds among the gaming rumor-mill, Watch Dogs came straight out of left-field to wow gamers with stunning visuals and an intriguing open-world design full of interactivity. Displaying an Assassin Creed style world mixed with Uncharted’s cover-based, 3rd person shooter mechanics, the game seemed like another solid combo of what Ubisoft has done best: crazy good stealth-action. In the footage shown at E3, the game’s hero of Aiden Pearce, demonstrated some of the phenomenal new tech weaponry at his disposal. Through just his phone, he showed off his abilities of hacking into cell phones and manipulating traffic lights to create a spectacular car crash. Built around the storyline of “information warfare,” Watch Dogs’s developers boast that the game explores the unique concepts of exploiting the vast potential of information technology’s as weapons against its controllers. Aiden is described by his makers as a person who uses both his “fists and wits,” getting out of situations with a mixture of brute force and his tech skills. Unfortunately, Watch Dogs seemed to disappear from the headlines just as soon as its trailer graced the on-line community with not a lick of info since. Having shown off what would appear to be the bulk of its basic gameplay, however, it wouldn’t be a unreasonable to assume that Watch Dogs is nearly ready for release after is only three year development and may be arriving well within this year.  Likely release date: Fall 2013 



Developer: High Moon Studios

      Publisher: Activision

    Platform(s): PS3, Xbox 360

Superhero games are hardly news in this day and age, but High Moon Studios’ announcement of a first ever solo game for the Merc-With-A-Mouth quickly had fans doing a double-take. With the game’s trailer debuting on-line, the eccentric stylings of its outrageous antics and familiar comic relief immediately captured Deadpool’s trademark humor and twisted personality. Not much can be said of the trailer’s story other than the expected amount of funny one-liners and wacky musings that Deadpool can give amidst mercenaries and bounce houses. The idea of a Deadpool game is not to be entirely unexpected, however, as the developers behind X-Men Origins: Wolverine had already expressed interest in doing a Deadpool game and North has also voiced enthusiasm for continuing the character in a more major focus. Hopefully the added benefit of former Deadpool comic writer Daniel Way and veteran Deadpool voice actor Nolan North behind the project’s team indicates that High Moon studios seems intent on doing another licensed game justice in the same way they put Transformers back on the video gaming map with the Cybertron series. On top of that, Marvel has already been milking every one of its notable characters for all they’re worth in mass media, so launching one among this year’s slew of Marvel movies only makes good marketing sense. Perhaps the only problem so far is that, in spite of the charm of its advertising, Deadpool has not shown us any actual gameplay in its debut. Superhero games have both wowed and burned me numerous times, so I remain cautiously optimistic about Deadpool’s turn at video-game fame and have my fingers crossed for a solid Deadpool story and a great game to play.  

Likely release date: Fall 2013

Developer: Lucas Arts

Publisher: Lucas Arts

         Platforms(s): Windows, PS3

Another licensed game of note is the Star Wars title that’s been floating around since the release of its teaser footage in summer of ’12. Hinted to be tying into whatever tv series George Lucas had originally planned, Star Wars: 1313’s meager amount of details have only revealed its setting of Coruscant’s seedy underworld and its focus on a still unnamed bounty hunter character.   Footage of some of 1313‘s in-game level design was shown off at 2012‘s E3 and portrayed a number of 3rd-person shooter mechanics and out of control action sequences straight out of Uncharted. The combat looked far fiercer and more visceral than any previous Star Wars game and it looked to be quite impressive graphically, if not very similar to others of the genre. It was confirmed that Lucas Arts will be using the Unreal Engine for 1313 and a majority of the gameplay will focus on fast-paced weapon and gadget based gameplay in contrast to more traditional lightsaber and Force based combat. Although a German based video game magazine reported 1313‘s release for the PS3 this year, it has since been debunked by Lucas Arts and a potential release for next-gen consoles seems likely at this point with no new word on its completion in the near future. While Disney may not actively change 1313’s production any, it may very well insure that it at least has the sound financial backing to make it onto the market.  Coming on the heels of big disappointments like the Force Unleashed and, uughh, outright insults like Star Wars Kinect, I hope that 1313 has every reason to possibly redeem its franchise’s bad gaming history as of late. It may not be very realistic, but hey, would Lucas Arts really pass up a chance to not release 1313 in 2013?. . . Likely Release Date: Holiday 2013--Spring 2014