Now a veteran member and a regular visitor to Game Informer for nearly a year now, I've come to love the site and it's news, but what's more I've come to love its people even more. In particular, it's stories, game replays, and special features would be nothing without its fan community and especially its wild, wacky editorial staff. From Test Chamber to Super Replay, the likes of Dan Ryckert, Andrew Reiner, Kyle Hyliard, Ben Reeves, and so many talented others have contributed their part to a hilarious and thoughtful stream of editorials and video commentary. I now take the chance to allow readers to test their knowledge of our beloved GI guys through this fun-filled trivia quiz. Get your number 2 pencils ready!  (No cheating and looking at the answer key early!)


Question 1: Which editor composed their own "Megaman theme music" in their pre-Game Informer days as a young'in?

A: Kyle Hyliard B: Kimberly Wallace C: Andy McNamara D: Matthew Kato


Question 2: Legoes are often a part of which editor's blog posts?

A: Andrew Reiner B: Ben Reeves  C: Jim Reilly D: Jeff Machiafava


Question 3: The cartoon "Arthur" was analyzed scene-by-scene by who?

A: Tim Turi B: Joe Juba C: Matther Kato D: Jeff Cork


Question 4: Game Informer's "Replay" and "Super Replay" videos are often edited, filmed by--

A: Jason Oestreicher B: Ben Hanson C:Andrew Reiner D: Ben Reeves


Question 5: Which editor is known for his famous "street comedy" schtick? 

A: Dan Ryckert B: Jeff Cork C: Joe Juba D: Ben Reeves


Question 6: During the "Smashed" Super Smash Bros. Brawl Guiness Book of World Records marathon, which editor seemed to hardly complain, get up, or move at all?

A: Dan Ryckert B: Andrew Reiner C: Jeff Cork D: Tim Turi


Question 7: How many editors are known to be parents?

A: Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, Kyle Hyliard

B: Jeff Cork, Ben Hanson, Jim Reilly,

C: Matthew Kato, Andy McNamara, Andrew Reiner


Question 8: Which editor actually filmed their own Metal Gear Solid themed commercial to promote Gamestop as a youth?

A: Annette Gonzalez B: Ben Hanson C: Dan Ryckert D: Jeff Cork


Question 9: Which of these editors has a twin brother?

A: Tim Turi B:Ben Reeves C: Jack Gardner D: Kyle Hyliard


Question 10: JRPGs are favorites of whose?

A: Andy McNamara B: Dan Ryckert C: Jeff Machiafava D: Kimberly Wallace


Extra Bonus point Question: Game Informer made its most recent magazine format change in what year?

A: 2003 B: 2007 C: 2009 D: 2004










Answer Key: 

1: A

2: A

3: D

4: A

5: D

6: C

7: A

8: C

9: B

10: D

Bonus: C

Hope you learned just a little bit more about the GI peeps and continue supporting a fine mag!