So I toured Activision's offices in Minnesota this morning.

It was cool, but not all that exciting. They don't make any games here. It's all Quality Assurance (playing and reporting bugs in every new build of every game) and a few people who work with licensed franchises.

Still, I got a lot of my questions answered, not to mention another job possibility. They can't hire anyone under 18 (which elicited a disappointed "Aaaaawww..." from my friends and I) but there are occasional Summer internships for those under that age.

I'm seriously considering it. The people who work there are cool. The whole place had a pretty laid-back feel, but the tour-guide did say that things can get really, really hectic near deadlines. And it's definitely got more career-potential than flipping burgers. One of the people I met started in QA eight years ago, and now they travel all over the world, working with the various developers Activision hires for licensed games.

If you want to know more about it, sorry to disappoint you. They made me sign an NDA. Not even sure if I can technically reveal the above information.