So earlier today, I was sitting on the couch with my brother and my mom, watching my brother play the demo for Pokemon Rumble. My mom usually doesn't show any interest in watching any of us play games, but this time she stuck around. Then she started to make some observations...

If you haven't seen anything about Pokemon Rumble yet, know that the Pokemon are very blocky and pastel colored. This makes for some misunderstandings for those who don't know Pokemon very well, especially for those who are completely clueless. Here are some of the best lines that were said:

"That's an evil lobster!" (referring to a Paras)

"Don't hurt the sheep!" (Clefairys)

"Look, more sheep! And some random pig thing..." (A Clefable shows up too)

"Little blue birdies!" (Machops, if you can believe it)

"Caterpillars don't eat sheep..." (my brother switched to Caterpie and attacked a Clefairy)

"Are those zombies?" (Gravelers)

"Wha- a double head bird?" (Doduos, of course)

"Screwdriver guys!" (Magnemites)

"Those look like fat cats" (a bunch of Mankeys showed up)

"Foxes! And a fish! And a unicorn!" (several Vulpix, a Charmander, and a Ninetales)

"A 'prime ape'? Looks like a pregnant cat." (LOL)

"Look at the little martian guys!" (I don't even remember which one this was)

"Barney showed up!" (a HUGE Charmeleon appears)

"He puked! Ew, don't eat it!" (my brother defeats the Charmeleon, and it explodes into money, which he starts to gather up)

This all goes to show, sometimes the people who have no understanding of something will get the most out of it.