Title:To The Moon

Genre:Story-driven adventure game

Developer:Freebird games

Publish:Freebird games

Platform(s):Windows,OS X,Linux

Release Dates:WW November 1,2011(Windows),WW January 7 2014(OS X,Linux)

To The Moon is one of the most emotional and beautiful stories I've experienced from any kind of media whether it be video games,movies,anime etc.

The first thing I want to point out is To The Moon is an indie game,about 5 hours in length and it's gameplay doesn't have much depth but it's story made it worth the 10 Australian dollars I paid for it.

The story is about an elderly man named Johnny whom is on his deathbed and during the last few days of his life two scientists who are referred to as Dr Watts and Dr Rosalene whom work for a company that has the technology to give people artificial memories show up to give Johnny his final wish which is going to the moon.However,to give the person the artificial memory they desire,these doctors must travel into Johnny's memories and see what kind of life he lived and what were his motivations behind his final wish in order to make his memory of going to the moon a believable one and also because it will involve adding false memories which is why this type of thing is only used for people whom are going to die soon.

All doesn't go smoothly in giving Johnny his wish of going to the moon and the doctors end up in a race against time to give Johnny his wish because he has only a few days left to live.

The story shows Johnny's life as an eldery man,in his prime,as a young adult,as a teenager and as a child and you'll witness moments from Johnny's married life,his experiences in highschool,when he goes on dates with a sweet girl named River and it shows how he took a liking to her even though she has an Aspergers-like condition which makes it difficult for her to be social because he thought she was sweet and different to other girls and she is mysterious and has a fascination with Platypuses.It shows how he first met River when they were children and you'll see many of the things him and her went through together during their lifetime and they'll both grow on you.

The story will show certain problems and heartbreaking times he experiences during his lifetime and these are the types of events that many of us will experience during our lifetimes and can relate to.Also,the story could make you think about the world more,whether it be politics or moral values.The story will make you think about sacrifice and commitment and true love and determination.

I found something to like or found myself caring about all the main characters.Whether it be Johnny,River,Dr Watts,Dr Rosalene,Lily,Joey.

The story is presented in a very delicate way through lots of dialogue and beautiful artistic scenes and beautiful and delicate music.The story isn't all sad and emotional,it can be very funny at times and has a lot of charm in the dialogue at times.I like how Dr Rosalene speaks in a very politically incorrect way and Dr Watts is a bit of a goof but at times you'll see how they're both very intelligent too.

The love story is presented beautifully and in a heartfelt way.

As for the gameplay,well most of the gameplay involves walking around small areas and searching for memories that are linked to items and solving the occasional puzzle that's quite easy and most of the puzzles are the same.For a bit of variation you might need to control a horse you're riding and chase somebody or dodge obstacles while shooting cybernetic zombies but these things make a very small part of the game.I guess you could say the game plays like a 16-bit style RPG that has very little combat.The game has a tiny amount of RPG style combat but it's a very,very small part of the game and there's no leveling up.The gameplay revolves mostly around exploring environments and listening to what NPCs have to say.

Even though the gameplay is simplistic I enjoying exploring the environments and listening to what NPCs say(many of them don't actually talk to you but you can listen to what they're saying to somebody else or what they're thinking)and since the 16-bit style environments are charming and sometimes artistic and quite detailed it makes the experience even more captivating,so did the fact knowing I was in various environments from various time periods,such as in a high school,or near the ocean surrounded by nature with a beautiful view of a lighthouse and sunset and inside charming-looking houses and carnivals and other areas but I don't want to spoil it for you.

The game is really more suited for people who want to experience a heart-felt story because it has very simplistic gameplay but it's dirt cheap and is only 5 hours long but you'll pay more money to watch a 2 hour movie at the cinemas.

Other things I like about the visuals are the beautiful views of the ocean and the way stars and the moon are used for intimate moments between Johnny and River and the way they blend with environments is breath taking.You'll see the The game has some nicely illustrated cutscenes which are close-up scenes besides just the 16-bit style RPG visuals which suit the delicate story moments and I don't want to say what's in them because I don't want to spoil them for you but they look very great and have a lovely artstyle.

Like I've mentioned,the music has a very delicate feel to it and it's very heart-felt and numerous people love the music for this game and listen to it on Youtube or download it off steam.In fact,if you buy the boxed version of the game,you'll get the game's soundtrack on a separate disc.The game's music suits the emotional moments in the story and the music is emotional but powerful at times while being delicate but beautiful at others and the way the piano music is done is so beautiful and the game has a beautiful song that's sung in it too.

When you're near the ocean you'll hear ocean waves and it gives a relaxing sense of calmness. Like I've said,this game can be bought for roughly 10 dollars(including the soundtrack)and if you buy the boxed version it has beautiful box art.I can honestly say To The Moon is the type of experience that can live with you forever on an emotional and spiritual level.

This game gave me an experience that I still think about when I hear stories about true love or see anything that could relate to the game such as 16-Bit style visuals or hear delicate piano music and it might make you think about the people in your life and about life in general and could inspire you to be a better person.

It's hard to give this game a score because it's an indie game,but if I were to score it as an indie game I'll give it a score of 9.75 out of 10.