Hello, everyone!

In lieu of the recent reveal of Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, and the upcoming Smash Season (more on that later), I've decided to post a reflection on one of my favorite games of all time:

My start in the series was when I played Super Smash Bros. Melee with my cousin.

In the ten or so matches I played with him, I always used Pikachu (and only his standard and side-b moves), and I had a very enjoyable time.

 But, more importantly, Melee was one of the first games I ever played, and a d*** good one at that. Moreover, it was a foreshadowing of just how much my gaming enthusiasm would grow.

As I've said in my first blog, due to my mother's highly critical view of video games, I would not be able to play them for several years. I could tell you more here, but I'd be repeating myself.

Anyway, during a Christmas trip to my grandparents, I visited another cousin's house. They had a Wii, and their copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl immediately caught my eye.


I managed to get her to play it with me, and it was like revisiting a long-lost friend. The mechanics were familiar, and I had a very fun time pummeling my cousin (or a Cpu) into oblivion. While Pikachu was still my go-to character for a while, I eventually tried out all of the starter characters (even if it took me a while to learn they had attacks outside of their special moves). While I was there, I tried to spend as much time playing Brawl as physically possible.

While I was eager to get the game myself, I would not until my friend graduated from middle school (he was two years ahead of me, maybe it was when I graduated, I don't know. But whatever). We played the game a lot together, and we had tons of fun. One time, he came over for a visit, and, as he left, he gave me a copy of Brawl. I was ECSTATIC.


(Sonic and Ike were my and my friend's mains, respectively)

From that point on, Brawl was the only game I played for several months on end. I played through the Subspace Emissary (at least three different times), unlocked every stage and character, and tried out all of them. Brawl was a never-ending stream of simple, absurd fun. The game gave me plenty to do, with a seemingly limitless assortment of challenges, trophies, and music, some of which I have yet to acquire, as well as endless replayability. Brawl was like a heaven, it was just that awesome. No other game has ever given me quite that feeling since.

I would move on, but Brawl would see resurgence about a year later. I had brought my Wii over to my grandparents' other house, and one of the games I brought was Brawl. Knowing the fun crammed into that disc, I asked my cousins if they would like to play. They agreed.

From that point on began an annual event I now call "Smash Season." My character of choice would be pitted against three of my cousins, who always selected Kirby.

We'd usually battle on Temple, in untimed, three-stock, no-item brawls. In the beginning, we used a few items, but my cousins eventually forced me to ban them since I was the only one who had any real success with them.

(They claimed they were unfair since I was the only one quick enough to grab them or experienced enough to know what they did. They especially disliked Smash Balls, even when they acquired them, thanks to my knowledge of when to dodge Kirby's Final Smash.) They would always gang up on me in attempt to ensure my defeat. I have several fond memories of Pit, Link, and others versus the Blue, Green, and Red Kirbys. My success rate varied widely, but I did manage to win a sizable number of them even with my cousins teaming up on me every match (and without items). The battles with fewer than three opponents were, of course, easier wins.

And with my victories (or general survival) came more criticism. "Link's bombs are unfair!" they insisted. "Pit's unfair because he can fly!"


All the while, my cousins would spam Stone, which I eventually learned to dodge and punish with grabs, pummels, and throws (once, I even threw one Kirby into another's incoming Stone, resulting in a KO).

I will admit, to date, they have improved at not spamming it, though they still refuse to use anyone other than Kirby. I too have complained on defeat, and I have spammed, but I have matured and gotten better at avoiding it.

Smash Season is expected to resume within a month, after I finish my...stuff. I have been training with Zero Suit Samus and King Dedede to prepare, as well as with my traditional mains Pit and Link.


What do you guys think of my sophomore blog? What are your thoughts on this game? Characters, Stages, or Modes of choice? Are any characters or moves cheap in your opinion? Interested in joining Smash Season? Post in the comments below!