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Game Over... continue? Fight Night Champion Review

My review of Fight Night Champion.... ain't here....

It's here. Why? Follow the link and see...


This is kind of a weird situation so I want to explain a couple of things... I'm honestly not trying to drum up hits on my blog Game Over... continue?. I was sent a copy of Fight Night Champion to review from another website. That review went live today. For obvious reasons they don't want me posting a my review on GIO, even as a user review. But they did say I could post it on my blog (which I kind of treat like a portfolio, I want to keep everything in one place).

I've linked here to my blog so you guys (and gals) could have a look at it. I also wrote a little intro about how all this came about, explaining the situation. From my blog you can link directly to the website if you want to see the 'official' version. But I felt it wasn't kosher for me to post a direct link on this blog to a competing website... I have plenty of respect for not only Game Informer but our community on here as well not to do that.

So if you follow the links you'll find (eventually) that I've actually been published and am now (at least in my mind) a (semi) professional game reviewer! I never thought anything would come from this... I really just started the blog as a way to waste time at work and rant about games, and now I'm getting free games sent to me! This is pretty huge, I'm really stoked.


I want to thank everyone on here at GIO who helped proofread and edit my work. You know who you are... seriously, I appreciate your taking the time. I'll probably beg your aid again before too long:^) And thanks to everyone who has checked out my blog... most of my hits come from this site, so again, thank you!