Injustice is a great game, with rock-solid mechanics, an expansive story mode, great alternative modes to extend the fun, and a heck of a cast.  With the recent announcements of Lobo and Batgirl, it appears NetherRealm Studios is open to bringing new fighters into the arena.  While there are plenty of well-known characters they could bring in (General Zod will be next, calling it now!), here are ten characters that you may not have heard of that I think would make an excellent addition to the cast.
Is he peeing lasers?

Is he peeing lasers?


Adam Strange:  Although he has never received his own run, Adam Strange has been deeply involved in the DC mythos since 1959.  First appearing in issue #17 of Showcase, Adam Strange has been mentioned on and off throughout the ages, and almost became a member of the Justice League, before an astute reader wrote in explaining that it would have been impossible for them to know about him, since most of his exploits take place on the planet Rann.  Adam has a sweet jetpack that also fires lasers, carries a pair of blast guns (whatever those are) and can generate his own solid-light equipment.  He could provide mobility and ranged combat in spades, and would make a great fit to the cast.

Pictured: Not Spiderwoman
Pictured: Not Spider-Woman

Aura:  She definitely isn’t the best-known DC hero, but Morgan DuBay, the model-turned-superhero known as Aura, would make an excellent cast memeber for Injustice.  In addition to her superior hand-to-hand skills, which she proved as part of the Protectors, she has the ability to generate various color fields that have a variety of effects.  Since she can basically do anything with her dazzling color display, NetherRealm could take her powerset in almost any direction, and she could provide a much-needed change of pace from the drab color palattes of most everybody else.  Note: She is not to confused with the Raver version of Aura (alias Lindsay Wah).  This chick is actually cool.

Time Trapper

Time Trapper:  Man, he looks awesome!  Tell me you don’t want to play as that guy, even if all you know about him is that picture and the fact that his name is Time Trapper.  Well, it turns out he brings the chops to hold his own in battle as well.  Obviously, his powers all revolve around the manipulation of time.  While he can’t technically alter events in the present, he can open up seperate “pockets” of time, and I’m sure the people who thought up Baraka can find someway to pull his skillset off.  We need Time Trapper, consequences be damned!

Nightshade Pictured: Not Batgirl

 Pictured: Not Batgirl

Nightshade:  Originally created as a partner to Captain Atom, Nightshade had mostly been relegated to cameos before becoming a permanent member of the Suicide Squad.  Nightshade has the power to manipulate darkness in a variety of ways, and can even morph into a 2D shadow version of herself.  Tell me that wouldn’t be perfect in a video game, I dare you.  She is a cool female character with an awesome moveset; I can’t think of any reason why she wouldn’t make a perfect addition to the roster.



Rama:  Rama, based off the Hindu god of the same name, is probably the most ready-made for Injustice character on here.  He has melee weapons in his giant axe and magical sword, he has a trademark bow that shoots flaming arrows for ranged combat, and he has god-level hand-to-hand combat skills.  The best part about him, however, is his gift-wrapped super move.  When damaged, Rama grows horns and two extra arms, heals himself and unleashes a blast that destroys everything in the immediate area.  Yeah, he’s ready for the big leagues.

Gentleman Ghost Oh yeah, he has a ghost horse also.

 Oh yeah, he has a ghost horse also.

Gentleman Ghost:  If there is one character from this list that I would pick if given the power, it would without a doubt be Gentleman Ghost.  A perennial Hawkman and Hawkgirl (who is already in the game) foe, Gentleman Ghost can harness energy projection, is capable of teleportation and is even an expert marksman with his flintlock pistols.  He’s perfect.  He made an appearance on The Brave and The Bold once, and held his own in hand-to-hand combat with Batman and Deadman simultaneously. Oh, and I’m not sure I mentioned this, but he is a Gentleman Ghost.  He has been around for quite awhile, but he has never really got the face time that he deserves.  It’s time to change that.

Eclipso You don't want to know where he keeps the Heart of Darkness

 You don’t want to know where he keeps the Heart of Darkness

Eclipso:  First off, it should be noted that Eclipso is a personification of the Wrath of God.  If that isn’t a sufficient resume to get on a fighting game, I just don’t know what is.  Shall I tick off his powers?  Okay:  Super strength, super speed, super intelligence, power over weather, possession, energy manipulation, advanced sword skills with his unbreakable sword; I could go on, but what’s the point?  He also carries around his trademark gem the Heart of Darkness, which allows him to shoot lasers out his eye and take control of whoever it comes into contact with.  I smell a super move!

Chemo I might have exaggerated his intelligence a bit.

Chemo:  Chemo may not have a lot of things that the other heroes have, like name recognition, a wide suite of powers or at least average intellect, but he can shoot out any volatile chemical he wants at any time, and is a worthy hand-to-bionic claw combatant.  He aslo has regenrative powers, which should serve to make him a very durable fighter.  Who cares if his name is maudlin, nobody knows who he is and he would probably be super hard to animate?  I want him.  Isn’t that enough to justify all the hard work with no assured payoff?

Prince Evillo Gosh, look how cool he is...

 Gosh, look how cool he is…

Prince Evillo:  1) He has the greatest name of any comic character ever.  It’s really no surprise he turned out to be a bad guy.  2)  He wields a vast array of magical powers, giving him large versatility as a character.  3) He can siphon the evil from other bad guys and use it to turn good guys evil.  How awesome is that?  4)  HIS NAME IS PRINCE EVILLO.  Wasn’t sure if I mentioned that.  5) In addition to his magical powers, he can grow horns that give him the power of hypnosis.  Geez, he was created for this game!  Please, NetherRealm, please make this happen.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning:  Created in 1977, Black Lighting was one of the first African-American superheroes to grace the pages of a comic book.  Sadly, he doesn’t do much outside of the superhero norm.  He is an accomplished martial artist who can fly and harness force fields, but who can’t these days, right?  But he is called Black Lightning, he looks awesome and he saved Superman’s life once by acting as a human defibrillator.  That has to count for something, right?