The other day I was going through a friend's game collection, and came across Rayman Origins.  I thought I had vague memories of Rayman, but it turned out that was Klonoa.  I had seen a friend play Rayman, but I didn't really know much about it.  I remembered that my friendly GI magazine had spoken highly of Origins, and I was tired of slogging through Castle Crashers...again.  Just kidding, I don't think I could ever tire of Castle Crashers.  Anyway, I grabbed Rayman and heartily thanked my friend, without of course leaving a game of my own as collateral.  I mean, I'm not getting my games scratched, you know. 

So I got home and promptly forgot about Rayman.  Reapers weren't going to kill themselves, after all.  Then I unlocked the N7 Engineer.  Then it was on.  My friend asked me if I was done with it, and I truthfully replied that I hadn't finished it yet.  It's not a race. 

Eventually I got bored again, so I, finally, started playing...Max Payne 3.  My roommate bought it, and I work nights.  I spent my days in Bullet Time.  On my interest list, Rayman probably ranked about a I just forgot what I was talking about.  Max Payne?  No, I got bored it with it too.  So, half-drunk one Friday night after the bar I finally decided to play Rayman. 

Ha, I bet those aren't even his real teeth.  

I loved it.  I was enraptured with it.  By the end of the second stage, I was sold.  After I caught my first treasure chest, I was hooked.  If you haven't experienced the thrill of chasing a treasure in Rayman Origins, you should immediately do so.  Seriously, it's two in the morning where I love, and I am asking you to right now go find that game and play it.  For reals.  It's that fun.

Seriously, I loved it.  I went to bed (read: passed out with controller in hand), woke up the next day and picked up the controller.  I had a dim recollection of playing an awesome game last night, and I immediately dug back into Rayman.  I wasn't just drunk (I mean, I was, know), it was still awesome.  I became an expert at finding the secret doors, and was continuously amazed at the astounding game design in front of me.  Rayman Origins is truly a work of art, and if I do actually get a Wii U, it will be more because of Rayman Legends than anything else, except maybe the Wii U. Smash Bros.  I love Smash Bros.

So after beating, I started thinking about what an idiot I was because I just left this incredible game just sitting around my room for so long.  And I realized that I always do this.  I hear from a trusted source that game is legit, but my first impression that it looks stupid sticks so hard I subconsciously avoid it.  Or something.  Point is, I have a tendency to be late to the party more than most people.

We've all done it.  Everybody has "that game" that they had heard the acclaim about, knew would probably be pretty good, and just avoided it.  Passed it by on rental shelves, never borrowed it from somebody, and just...didn't play it.   Beyond Good & Evil is the "one" that always comes to mind for me when I ask that question.  I had a friend that raved about it, even offered to let me borrow it, and I just didn't.  I must have read the back cover of it a thousand times at my local Premiere Video, hesitated...and placed it back down regretfully.  Years later, I played the HD release.  While I enjoyed it, the real tragedy is that I didn't fall in love with it.  I'm a sucker for photography in games, but the moment had passed.  I could see that, had I played it ten years ago, it could have been something special, but I just wasn't modern enough to keep me invested quite all the way through.  Sad, I'm sure.

Why didn't you play me, Blake?  Didn't you know about my stealth gameplay?

Mass Effect is another one.  I would glance at it, and walk away.  Don't worry.  I finally got my hands on it shortly before the sequel released, and had literally just finished when I got Mass Effect 2 for my birthday.  The rest is history.  Combing all three Mass Effect games, I have completed 15 playthroughs:  Six of the first one, six of the second one, and three of the third one.  Multiplayer ME3 is still in my regular rotation, however, so my time is probably pretty evenly divided right now.  I swore a holy oath that I would never play through the original Mass Effect ever again.

It makes me wonder how many great games I've passed by because of this tendency.  I've never playthrough Chrono Trigger.  I had the chance when I was little, and I let it slip away.  To this day, it is one of my most regrettable moments.  I did some very questionable things as a child.  But I can't help but wonder...

What other legends have I missed? 

I don't know.  At least I loved Pokémon as I child....otherwise there's no way I'd be on that boat now.