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WGWC #1: Life on Hardcore

My name is Dionysus.  I am the Greek god of wine, ritual madness, ecstasy, and, most importantly the grape harvest.  I...wait, that's not me.  That's my screen name, and the face I use to post my blogs, which typically come in the form of (witty and charming) Top 10 lists.  But, for the purposes of this challenge, I won't use that face.  Instead of telling you about me as a writer, I'll try to tell you a bit about a writer as me. 

First:  The Facts.  My name is Blake Anglin.  I graduated last year from a Division-2 college in Arkansas with a B.A. in creative writing.  I live with a few roommates, work at a liquor store and occasionally (read: rarely) make a few extra bucks reviewing games and playing music.  I've lived by, and completely supported, myself since I was seventeen, and yes, one day I hope to do that solely through my writing.   I've been writing for a site for about a year now, with some great people, and it has convinced me that I can in fact do this.  When I was little, I experienced a lot of games not by playing them, but poring through Nintendo Power absorbing every detail about these incredible looking games.  I am just as absorbed by the combination of games and words now as I was then.  Which leads me to... 

The Dream:  I love to read and write.  The only thing I love more than those things is video games (with the exception of an ice cold Guinness on tap).  The first thing I do when I get home from work is check the daily feeds (IGN, 1UP, Kotaku etc.), write for however long I can, then go to the living room and/or bar, whichever seems the better choice at the time.  I try to stay active in forums, and of course post my blogs here.  I read my Game Informers until they literally fall apart, and I try to at least get a cursory look at every game that releases.  Like every amateur game writer, I dream of one day covering E3, playing the best games before they come out, and of course envision the Holy Grail, working at GI.  I'm kind of preaching to the choir here, but I really want to be on the Replay crew, and I'd probably fall asleep in the vault at least once.  I'm content with baby steps right now, because, as it turns out, I have to deal with...

The Reality:  Teachers, parents and guidance councilors are liars.  There, I said it.  In high school, they tell you that, if you work hard, go to college and eat your veggies you can do whatever you want.  Trust me:  A college degree is not a Get A Job Free card, especially in this industry.  Hard work, grueling hours and calloused thumbs are required to get noticed.  I live in rural Arkansas, scrape by on the small salary I make, and spend my leisure time trying to break into video game journalism.  You get practical quick when you're paying your own bills, and it would be nice to not live hand-to-mouth.  However, if I've learned anything from games, it's that persistence IS rewarded eventually, down is definitely not out, and that pot roasts found in abandoned castles are perfectly fine to consume.

 Sometimes I feel like I'm playing life on Hardcore, but maybe that's not so bad.  I can brag about beating such negative circumstances, I get the glorious feeling of personal satisfaction and best of all I get all the achievements for the lesser difficulties.  I still dream of the Casual life, and certainly hope (and, like all writers, fear) these words of mine are worth reading.  I'll continue reading, writing and gaming regardless, and hope these coins I'm collecting eventually add up to an extra life.  If not, well, I guess I'll take up plumbing.  Hey, it worked for Mario...