First, I would like to say that I am no fanboy to anything, I am just a gamer that hates crap.

On to my topic.

What is the point of a multi-platform game if it always have to be equal, look at PS3 and 360 in graphics, they always have to be equal, while the Wii just... suck at it.

I always see that the 360 will always to its full (or half-full) potential, while the PS3 is just the same as the 360 (Blu-ray wasted) while the Wii goes to its potential, but not to its fullest and is a crap downgrade from both systems with motion controls.


Now look at exclusives, They always go to its full potential, Gears of War 2, Mario Galaxy, Metal Gear Solid 4, they all look beautiful.

Now that I found out that they might (or will) downgrade FFXIII to be equal with the 360 version, I'm not mad at the fact that its on the 360, in fact its a good thing having a Final Fantasy for Xbox family, but saying it has to be downgraded, just pisses me off.

                        THE CRAP IS THIS!!!? is the second image for both PS3 and 360 or just the 360.

I think Street Fighter IV should of been only for PS3, So they can have more characters instead of making an expansion pack.

I kinda wonder what it will be like if Resident Evil 5 was an exclusive to a platform, I wonder how many more years it would take to come out.

I am always for gameplay over graphics, but if it looks good enough its good enough, but making equal and comparing it to each other, I mean whats the point if they are just the same. The difference gameplay, well duh, they have different controllers.