Something about the term "Hardcore Gamer" has always bothered me.

It didn't used to, but the more i hear it, the more i associate it with whiny fanboys (mostly 360 owners).

There is nothing i love more then watching two fanboys debating over there systems, but how much is too much?

Apparently, if you own a Nintendo system, you're not "hardcore".

If you don't play Call of Duty enough to memorize every possible glitch, cheat, and camp-spot, you're not "hardcore"

If you don't stay up past midnight to beat someone in Madden, you're not "hardcore".


Just stop, seriously.

People should be able to play the games they want without being called-out by the "hard-core" gamers. If you're so hard core, why do you feel the need to constantly tell people about it?


Let your skills speak for you.