I'm mostly annoyed with the people, not the actual site layout.

  • People who post "First" on articles. I really dislike this. Who cares if you are first? The sad thing is that this phenomenon isn't confined to kids and teens. The first "First!" I ever saw, I went to that guy's profile. And guess what? He was a dad of two, with a third on the way? What is wrong with you people?
  • People who post insignificant things on articles. Its okay if you do it only a few times, but mostly I've seen the same people over and over again who post nothing but "Cool" and "Hmmm..." as comments.
  • There are also those people who do nothing but bash the article's subject out of context. Why are you looking at Xbox news only to say that PS3 is better? And vice versa?

If I think of some more later, I'll post them.