It's been around a month's time since the new launched. This blog will be about my thoughts and impressions on the new site as the month went on.

Day 1: I went on to To my surprise, the site had changed. I already knew it was going to change, but I was expecting it later. After getting past all the shiny new things on the home page, I realized I felt no different about this version than the old one, except for the fact that it was taking me longer to get around.

Day 2: Made my new account. I began to explore the site better. My earlier impression remained the same. The new was like NXE (New Xbox Experience). Not really a point to the change.

Day 3: Here, the site began to change my mind. After having spent several days with it, I realized that it was actually easier to navigate around the new site than the old one. I also began to establish a presence in the forums and joined a couple of groups.

Day 10: I understood the intricacies of the site now. I have found out how to take advantage of the site's myriad new and old features. At this point, it occured to me how beautiful the new site was.

Day 15: Discovered a new perk of the improved site. Under the old site, game news was sparse and I learned to expect new news every 3 days. On this site, new news is added hourly. Yay.

Day 20: My mind was pretty well made up by now. I loved the new site.

 Good Job, Game Informer Staff!

Day 30: I decided to write a blog on my adjustment to the new site. Hope you enjoyed it!

Also, for those of you who don't know the way:

(Seriously, if you needed the above to find a way to the site, you have problems.)