I know the point of this post is to introduce myself as one-third of the newest Game Informer internship crew, but let’s start with something different. Here’s all the strange stuff I saw during my first five hours at the office:

There’s a big Alpha Protocol picture on the wall. The elevators open and close and move even though nobody’s in them. A huge television emits an annoying buzz that Dan Ryckert can no longer hear. There’s a random computer on the floor, yellowed and wearing a PowerBar sticker. One room contains more games than I could ever hope to finish in four lifetimes. Ben Hanson edited a video so quickly that I couldn’t see his fingers move. The place next door has a sandwich named after Waluigi. Almost everyone you meet is called Matt. I still don’t know what the Dragonborn guy has to do with Jar Jar Binks or assault rifles.

Okay, time to back up.

Matt Miller called me 20 minutes before a creative writing class to offer me an internship. You can imagine how much attention I paid to my professors that evening. The past month has been a hectic cluster of packing and subleasing and moving. Somehow I got to Minneapolis unscathed.

In 2009 – maybe 2010, time is crazy – I wrote reviews as a volunteer for a site called PS3 Vault. It seems the site is no longer active, which is wonderful because I’d probably cringe at those old posts. That led to work as a crime reporter for The Daily Iowan, which spun into a brief stint as a freelance news writer for The Escapist. Somewhere along the line I got lucky, and I convinced Complex Magazine and MacLife to pay me to write about games. Since then I’ve managed to graduate from the University of Iowa with a journalism degree and sneak words into GameSpot, GamesRadar, IGN, the New York Post, and Paste Magazine. I also did some correspondent work with a major Iowa newspaper.

I have plans for an extensive blog post detailing my still-evolving journey. I know I was ravenous for that sort of information when I was just starting out, so hopefully I’ll be able to help someone else. If you have any specific questions, email or tweet me and I’ll answer what I can.

All I really want to do is write about Dark Souls, the best game of this generation, but Super Meat Boy, Deadly Premonition, The Walking Dead, Etrian Odyssey IV, Halo, Mass Effect, To the Moon, Dota 2, and Fallout 3 are other favorites. My biggest gaming sin? I haven’t played a single game from the Metal Gear Solid or Legend of Zelda franchises. I plan on fixing both of those huge gaming gaps this summer when I’m not wandering through Blighttown for the seventh time.

Other things! I co-host a video game radio show turned podcast. I have three cats named Abby, Leo, and Mr. Squishy Cheekums. I’ve worked in a microbrewery. I think red velvet Pop-Tarts are wonderful. I listen to The National daily. I live near a place that serves waffles with bananas, Nutella, and walnuts on top, and it makes mornings difficult for me. I finally started watching Dr. Who and reading A Game of Thrones, and now I can’t stop doing either.

As I said above, feel free to reach out and chat through email or Twitter. I can’t wait to get started.




I have successfully infiltrated the home base of #TeamBoneless’ leader. Awaiting further orders.