I know that this is a video game site and this blog has nothing to do with video games but please don't be angry. This is a serious blog about how the iPad is the most important electronic device in my life. A lot of people hate on this device, and while it may seem pointless and expensive to most, this device is changing my life daily.

                When the iPad first came out, my initial response to it was that it may be the most useless device ever made. It basically is an iTouch, but oversized so it can not fit in your pocket. I asked myself if there were any practical purposes to it, and I could find none. That all changed when I saw a segment of 60 Minutes.

                My brother has been diagnosed with severe autism. For those who do not know, autism is a social development issue which the diagnosed struggles to communicate and form relationships.  He is 4 years old and is non-verbal and rarely makes eye contact. He needs sleeping pills to sleep and refuses to eat most foods. He only eats certain types of brands, such as he only eats the Snyders Mini Twist Pretzels, he won't eat any other pretzels. To get his nutrients we provide him with a formula shake that basically provides all the nutrients necessary to live healthy in one bottle. His favorite "toy" is an exercise ball, which he rolls on non stop all day. He is extremely sensitive to noise and touch, and often smacks walls to release some of these feelings. There is a great chance my brother will never talk.

                Just as my hope for my brothers future was deteriorating, I saw a segment of 60 Minutes that talked about how the iPad was being used to help people with autism communicate. I was instantly intrigued and told my parents about it. They were totally on board, but there was a slight issue. iPads cost a ton of money, and the app that is used costs about 150 bucks. So we wrote a letter to the Wisconsin Early Autism Program(WEAP) and they agreed to purchase an iPad for my brother.

                In about a month we received our iPad with the app Proloque2Go(the autism app) already downloaded. Normally autistic children have to carry a big box to help them communicate and that only has about 2 hours of battery life and is quite expensive. It also obviously stands out like a sore thumb. The iPad however, is a sleek device that not only has a longer battery and is cheaper, but also does not stand out as much.

                The way the app works is quite simple. It features pictures with simple phrases on it. For example if my brother wanted to say he wants chips, he would click on food, then chips. We have pictures of all our family members so he can learn our names. The app also has feelings on it, so if he is feeling angry he can click on feelings, then angry to get his point across. His "voice' on the app is a stereotypical robitic boy voice, and for some odd reason my mom did not approve of my suggestion for the voice to be Chris Rock's. He still hasn't gotten the hang of it, but is slowly improving daily. Hopefully by summer he will be able to use it to help communicate with his family.

                I hope you all enjoyed this blog. If you want to learn more about autism or my brother, just message me and I will hopefully satisfy your craving for knowledge. I also urge you guys to purchase the game To The Moon. It is a very cheap PC game and all proceeds go to research to autism. It also is a great game. Thanks every one and have a great day!