The walrus king was messing with the walrus ball. Suddenly, Bruce Willis jumped through a window!  "Yippie kie yay m-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !. He exploded. The walrus king looked back, and saw that the walrus ball had blown up! Oh noes! That means, the walruses... Would be different! :O


The walruses were chasing a mouse taunting them with a cookie, and ate him (and the cookie). Suddenly, the walrus felt different. He felt...Human. How did he know? He had an extreme urge to buy MW2. He ran to gamestop, and got in line. All the people ran off, though. They wen't in, only to find that they were out. He cried. Oh well. Sucks for him.

The walruses felt more human then ever! They got good jobs, and have been having a nice life. One of the walruses, Andy Mcwalura, started some video game thing, but who knows how that went.  Yes, life was good for the walruses.

UNTIL: The walrus king was tired, he had just super glued the entire ball back together. He started reading the instruction booklet that was glued to the back on how to restart it. After a few mess-ups, he managed to restart it. Good, now the walruses were back to their zombie like selves! 

Andy felt like he just got punched in the face. He was hungry, and he didn't wanna play MW2. Him and his buddy, Andrew Weiner, started eating all the humans once again. Life was better for the walruses. After some delicious hoomans, they decided to go get a beer.  After that, they saw someone walking along. IT WAS LUNARSTARFOX! "OMG!" said andy, remember that she killed his child and ate him. He chased her, and ate her. Poor star. :(

What is next? Who will be eaten? WE DONT KNOW YET!