I've been around GameInformer.com for about year or so as a somewhat active member. The site has quickly become my go to site whenever I got on the Internet. And not just for the gaming news, for the many friends I made (to the friends i played with, or had great conversations with, thanks for being such great friends. You guys are awesome!), the great blogs, the great videos posted from the staff, and all those other great things that makes Gameinformer.com awesome. However despite being pretty active, I feel like I don't know some of you all like I should, or rather you guys don't know me. So in order to fix that, I wanted to make an Introduction blog. Although instead of talking more about more of my personal life, I wanted to talk more about my gaming life, mainly why I named myself "The Monster Hunter" . 

So to start my intro blog, I'll begin with some personal info about me. My real name is Marcus, I'm 15 (soon to be 16) and I live in Virginia in the U.S. I've been gamer ever since I could hold a controller in my hand, although I don't consider myself a gamer until last gen with the Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox. I began gaming on the Nintendo 64, the original Playstation, and the Game Boy Color. Mario, Star Fox, Pokemon, Crash, and Spyro were one of my first games and my finest gaming memories. If you asked me what my favorite console is, I wouldn't be able to give you one answer. The Gamecube and the PS2 have gave me great gaming memories. The Gamecube showed me more great Nintendo franchises while also proving why I love the old ones and the Playstation 2 showed me new franchises that would become a favorite. Sadly, due to my age, I missed out on multiple great franchises on PS2, so I became a bit more attached to Nintendo. Growing up with Nintendo basically showed me the wonders of gaming. Smash Bros, Star Fox, and Mario were among my favorites and most played games on the Gamecube. On the PS2, Kingdom Hearts, Jak & Dexter, and the Dragon Ball Z games were my favorite and most played games on the platform. The PS2 was also home to many (bad) licensed games for me as well. 



I also became a huge handheld gamer as well. Having divorced parents, I traveled back and forth on the road. My Game Boy Color (later Advance) Brought many fond many memories. I missed out several great classics, but I did enjoy Game & Watch, Metroid, Kirby and other great games, while also being able to play classic games I missed out on too. I remember playing on the GBC and GBA at night on the road with my swirly light to help me see.

The exact color I had too!

From the Game Boy Advance, I moved to the SP (A much needed upgrade!) and from there to the DS. The DS was great handeheld for me, as it gave me great new games, while also giving me the ability to play my old GBA games. Although, my old fat DS broke so I had to get the DS Lite. The DS Lite would last me until the move into next gen with the Wii, PS3, and 360. 

Moving to this gen for me was a tough choice. As a fan of both Nintendo and Sony (never had a Xbox) I had to choose what I wanted, a Wii or a PS3. The motion controls appealed to my childish likes, and instantly demanded a Wii, but my brother (Great big bro by the way) wanted the PS3. We got a Wii holiday 2007 (It still bewilders me how) and I was introduced to motion controls. I enjoyed the Wii and felt I didn't need any other console until a long time. However in 2008 My brother and my Dad bought the PS3 (they split the price) and I was introduced to a wonder of great things. Great graphics, online gaming, and more. Later that year my God mom got a 360 and I was introduced to a few games on there, although it wouldn't be until this year that actually really use the system. 


Now that you know a bit of my gaming history, I wanna get to the point of why I made this blog:  Why I named my self "The Monster Hunter". The reason is actually kinda for funny. You see, I didn't play Monster Hunter on the PS2. I didn't even know what it was until the 3rd one on the Wii. Monster Hunter isn't even my favorite franchise (it's somewhere in the top 10 though). So why did I name my self this? Well the true reason is because it's a nickname my God mom called me whenever I played it. But later as I began to think about it, I learned Monster Hunter means more than me than just a nickname. Monster Hunter Tri was the first of many gaming experiences. MH is by far the longest time I've ever spent playing a game. I put about 500+ hours into one character. It was also the first game I played for more than 8 hours at one time. 


While people were complaining about the Wii summer drought in 2011 and playing PS3 and 360 games, I was at home playing this

 Monster Hunter was my first experience to online gaming. Although I played Call of Duty over freinds' houses and eavesdrop into some of my brother's Playstation Home conversations, I haven't experienced online gaming for myself. Monster Hunter was the first time I played online, and I loved every minute of it (well not every minute but you get the idea). I made plenty of friends, rivals,and had plenty of great conversations. It was just an overall great time. The other main reason I named my self the Monster Hunter, because it was the first game I bought with no prior knowledge of it at all. It was my first "random buy" with me walking into Gamestop and just buying it. It opened my eyes to gaming, that there was other great games besides the games I knew. Since then, I began getting into more games, buying more third party games (on Nintendo systems that is) and trying new things. 

Since then, I've been buying and trying new franchises. Because I matured, my mom has declared me "mature" enough to play rated M games, and since then I've been trying to buy the games I couldn't play before. I've also been buying classic games and playing them for the first time. Right now I'm working through the Zelda series and will then work towards the Final Fantasy series. I have a lot of other classic games I need to experience too like Resident Evil and Metal Gear that I will eventually play. But, sadly money is not on my side, and my compulsive buying makes me buy new games rather than old. However, I will continue to play the games I have and buy the games I want, one game at a time. 

I'll never forget the Monster Hunter series as long as I game. The series showed so many great things about gaming that I'm not sure I would've experienced if I didn't play it. I owe it to Capcom to making such a game, and I patiently await Monster Hunter 4. 



And with that brings an end to my Intro blog. If you read the whole thing, thanks for reading, if you just looked at the pictures, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn't read at all, well please find some time to read it. 

Final note: I think this website is great and I plan to contuie to be apart of it for many years. I will be doing more blogs, reviews, comments, and even a few guides here and there in the future. If you wanna know any more about me or anything please leave a comment, I generally reply to all of them. If you liked this blog, please feel free to check out my other blogs or my profile page. If Until next time, happy gaming!