I've very much enjoyed this recent adventure into greatest games, lists, memories ect. Reading people's thoughts on this subject has taken me back to moments in my gaming past and opened my mind to others I may have never otherwise known of. It's been an all around awesome journey.

 And somehow...I can't see anyone's list as being incorrect or wrong in anyway. Someone's top ten is going to include Popit, Two Worlds, (insert random recent Sonic title here)* and shovelware no matter what you tell people about Link, Mario or Megaman. What impact a paticular game has had, or it's technical achivements.

  I think the only thing I don't like about this whole experience is when I read that someone actually said "you're not a real gamer" when the GI staff was making it's top 200 list. And the implication that it's been used befor, and knowing it will be again.  Anyone who invests time into playing games is a gamer. Anyone who enjoys gaming is a gamer. Period. No matter what you think of their tastes.

 It reminds me too much of the extreme ends of America's political parties**, and how disagreeing with someone from one end or another can result in you being branded as not being a good/real American.  It's just plain bull that states "I disagree with and digrade you to further my agenda". 

 Anyone out there guilty of acting like other people don't deserve your respect because they don't like the same games as you? Nothing wrong with pompus elitist snobbery so long as you don't think there is anything wrong with being an insufferable ass.

 And I only bring this up and want to write about it to the world(all potential dozen of you) because I am, in fact, not a real gamer. Hi, my name is John.

 I am curious though, if you do bother to click and read this far, have you ever been a victim of Game Snobery? A Gaming Snob yourself? I'm just dying to know.

{Insert caricature of snob with a gameboy that I was too lazy\unskilled to create-

*nothing against these games, just the the games my mind conjured when I thought of gaming snobs and their objections to unsophisticated tastes.

**I cite America's parties and system of debasing one another because it is this only system I keep any kind of tabs on, know anything about and not to mention it is obviously the best one ever.

Any typos, mispellings or grammatical errors found in this blog are your fault and you should be ashamed of yourself.