The upcoming release of the Wii-U is something I've been looking forward to for a while.  While I'm not the biggest fan of the controller, at least it's not motion controls, and no matter what happens, Nintendo will still make amazing games.  However, I'm not here to talk about the Wii-U's power or its name.  I'm here to tell you what games I think Nintendo should put on the Wii-U, and what changes they should make to the franchise.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is an amazing series, and I have no doubt that the Wii-U's installment will be as exceptional as ever.  With its great gameplay and amazing worlds, I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Improvements that should be made:

  • I would really love to have another giant overworld, like the size of the Wind Waker, with almost limitless possibilities.  While it doesn't necessarily have to be sea, I would love to have it be roughly the same size, and with plenty of optional places.
  • Make lots of side quests.  I don't even care if they give you any more than just a heart piece or a couple rupees.  In addition, I would love several optional dungeons, maybe with awesome but not necessary gear and possibly a mini boss or two.  I would sink so much time into this game if they did that.


I'm trusting you on this one, Nintendo.  You can make Mario games that are amazing, and nothing I could say could possibly to their level of awesomeness justice.

Star Fox

Star Fox 64 was a great game, putting you in the cockpit of an Arwing.  Star Fox Assault was another game in the series that I liked, with its 3rd person shooter style with vehicles for you to drive.  If they kept up that style, they really couldn't do much wrong

Improvements that should be made:

  • I would probably have to say the main thing that would make it great would be an additional vehicle type or two.  While Star Fox has been doing great with just Arwings and Landmasters, maybe a quicker but less bulky tank or something similar would shake things up enough to get it moving.
  • Multiplayer Co-op would also be a great addition.  While in the previous games you have 3 others on your team, they all do little besides just get in trouble and make you have to save them.  Even though the Wii-U will possibly only have one controller compatibility, it would be great fun to mow down enemies together.
  • Replace that annoying fox Crystal with Peppy, and have him tell you to do a barrel roll.  That's all I ask!

Pokémon Stadium Revolution

I wasn't a very big part of any gaming community when Pokémon Battle Revolution came out, so I don't know how warm a reception it got, but I think that the game was great.  While it was more of an extension of the 4th Generation games, the graphics style honestly looked better than some of the visuals on the more powerful systems.  Supplement this with the Wii-U's graphics, and add some of my favorite aspects of the old Pokémon Stadium games, and you've made me a customer.

What I really want is a hybrid between the old Pokémon Stadium games and the newer Pokémon Battle Revolution.  The aspects I would put in from each game are these:

  • The career mode from Pokémon Battle Revolution is a must.  Taking your Pokémon team from your handheld games and watching them spring to life on the big screen is amazing, and storming through a league with them is even more satisfying.  I would really like a difficulty setting, though, because it was really easy to bash my way through with a few legendaries on my team.
  • Also, they need to improve on the import system.  It would be very helpful if you could register around 5 or 6 games and put them into a universal storage system to use on any save files, not just one.  This way you could face off Pokémon from your different games easier.
  • It might sound stupid, but I would love the pointless and simple mini-games from Stadium to return.  For some reason they drew me in and didn't let go until I had wasted at least an hour at a time on them.
  • I would also like the rental Pokémon system from Stadium back.  While battling your teams against your friend's is great and everything, the rental Pokémon fights left it to skill in choosing and using your team, not simply who got lucky enough to get better stats or whoever had the patience to grind their Pokémon t lv. 100.

Super Smash Bros.

Because there's little to change about SSB besides some minor gripes, I'm just going to include the characters I think should make an appearance.

  • Return of the 5 that were removed from Brawl: Pichu, Mewtwo, Dr. Mario, Young Link, and Roy.
  • Ridley - a popular opinion, if they downsized him then he would fit right into the Smash Bros. universe, probably with slow, hard-hitting attacks with good recovering capabilities
  • King Boo - King Boo has always been a personal favorite of mine.  He would most likely be rather light and slow but have good recovery and decent attacks.
  • Impa - Skyward Sword Impa was pretty dang awesome.  She would probably have a very Shiek-esque gameplay, with swift movement and attacks.
  • Cubone - I would understand if Nintendo didn't include its most iconic symbol.  Cubone would be far beyond overpowered, he would have great range capabilities with Bonemerang as well as a hard-hitting physical attack with Bone Club.  If they included him, then everyone would play as him and the game would be unbalanced.


Metroid Prime was a pretty great game series, and while the Other M was met with mixed feelings, that wouldn't stop Nintendo from making another great installment into the series.

Improvements that should be made:

  • Balancing out the beams would make me so happy.  Having one all-powerful beam caused you to put aside your favorite weapon in favor of efficiency, and if you find some way to make them all equal but different, it would give me more of a sense of originality, even if it's only my beam choice
  • Online multiplayer would also be a great addition.  Metroid Prime 2: Echoes had a great multiplayer that only suffered from being local, allowing screen lookers, and the fact that you could only have 4 players.  As long as you don't forgo the story mode and keep it the way it was in Prime, then Halo will begin to collect dust as I enter the world of online FPS's as Samus.

The Path of the Cubone

This game would be AMAZING!  It would feature you as a Cubone on its way to avenge the death of its mother and wipe out Team Rocket.  It takes place at the same time as RBY, and you storm several Team Rocket hideouts throughout Kanto that Red missed, and give Team Rocket a huge whipping.  The only downside: due to the extreme power of the main character you might find the game a little easy most of the time, even at extreme difficulty.

A New IP

I believe in Nintendo.  Their games have always been great, and I love all their series.  However, I really want to see a new IP.  I want to see something fresh that show just what Nintendo's got.  In my opinion, they're the best developers out there, and I place my trust in them to make a new game series worth playing.

No matter what Nintendo throws at us with the Wii-U, I'll be waiting impatiently to play my heart out.  And my lungs, and quite possibly every organ in my body.