"Every Pokémon has a story.  Know your Pokémon's story, and you know your Pokémon.  Know your Pokémon, and you will become a master."

Those were the words that a wandering wise man once said to the novice Pokémon trainer, known only by his stage name:  Le Hannibal, or just Hannibal, the day he had started on his very own journey, with one goal in mind:  to be the best Pokémon master since the legendary Ash Ketchum.

Hannibal had gone a long way since then.  He had never imagined that he would get this far, but now he was in the finals of the Pokémon league against his long-time rival, also only known by his stage name:  Jolt, Master of Thunder.  If Hannibal could win this, he would prove his status as the greatest.  But if he lost...

Hannibal pushed that thought out of his mind as he looked at the six Pokéballs that lay before him.  Snorlax, Charizard, Alakazam, Lapras, Weepinbell, and Pidgeot.  They had all gone this journey with him, now they will help him finish it.  He put the Pokéballs in his belt, then got up and looked around.  He was in a small, dimly-lit room with a single table and chair, but through the lifeless walls there came the noise of no less than one hundred thousand cheering spectators, all who came to watch the main event of the Pokémon League.  Sixty-seven trainers had qualified, but now only two trainers were left.

Hannibal could hear the boom of the announcer's voice, muffled though it was, begin its introduction of the two trainers.  Finally, he saw one of the walls of the room open, and the roar of the crowd hit him full force.

"And now I present to you, the two finalists:  Jolt, Master of Thunder and Leeeee Hannibal!"  Hannibal tried to appear calm as he walked out the opening and onto the stage.  He was in a giant stadium that dwarfed the other domes he had participated in during his other battles.  In the center of it all was a raised platform, with a long line of stairs leading up to it.  He ascended to the top, as he saw his rival on the other end.

The field was, for now, your standard playing field, with a rock floor and the outline of a Pokéball in the center.  A giant four-way screen dangled above him with a massive screen so anybody could watch the battle with ease.  The announcer boomed out more info about the finalists, but Hannibal was deaf to it, because he was too concentrated on his goal.  He would win this, and not even Jolt would stop it.

At the announcer's command, Hannibal and Jolt both threw out their Pokémon, and Hannibal's Lapras found itself lined up against Jolt's Golbat.  Hannibal smiled.  Lapras would be good against Golbat.

Lapras let loose an ice beam, but Golbat nimbly dodged before charging in for a bite.  He landed it on Lapras' neck, and before Lapras could make another move, He used confuse ray, and Lapras stumbled, suddenly becoming unaware of her surroundings.  Hannibal called out to Lapras, and she almost instantly snapped out of it.  He knew that Lapras desired nothing more than to prove her worth to him after he had saved her from a poacher, and she wouldn't let anything get in her way.

Before Golbat could get too far away, Lapras fired another ice beam, and she scored a direct hit; the bat fell to the ground, down but not out.  Jolt returned his beloved bat and sent out his signature Pokémon: Electabuzz.  Hannibal saw the danger in the situation and raised his Pokéball to return Lapras, but a thunder was already on the way, scoring a direct hit on Lapras, knocking her out.

Hannibal gritted his teeth, but he had a plan to match Jolt's quick-succession switches.  He threw out Weepinbell and, just has he suspected, Jolt raised his Pokéball to return Electabuzz, and Hannibal returned Weepinbell at the same time.  They both threw out their Pokémon, and now Hannibal's trusty Charizard was up against Jolt's injured Golbat.  A single flamethrower threw the bat into next week.  Jolt was unfazed as he sent out his Rhydon.

Rhydon managed to land a Horn Attack on Charizard, but the moment his horn touched the dragon, Charizard grabbed him and lifted Rhydon into the air, landing a massive Seismic Toss, using Rhydon's massive weight for a quick one-hit KO.  Next Jolt sent out his Electabuzz again, and another Thunder knocked Charizard out.

Hannibal HAD to stop Electabuzz if he wanted to stop it from its nasty revenge attacks, but he had to be quick and decisive, or else Jolt's clever switch-strategy would rip apart his team that he had trained to be versatile, to stand and fight.  Switching wasn't Hannibal's strategy, but he knew one Pokémon who could easily tank any electricity that Electabuzz had to offer.

Snorlax towered over Electabuzz as he was sent out in a burst of light.  Seeing that Electabuzz couldn't take Snorlax out in one hit, Jolt began to raise his Pokéball, but the beam of red light that would have called Electabuzz back to safety bounced off Snorlax as he made a massive leap and landed between Electabuzz and safety.  Electabuzz, seeing as he couldn't escape, fired a massive thunder, but Snorlax absorbed it, taking plenty of damage but showing none of it.  Then, the massive Pokémon lowered his head and charged with a Double Edge of such force that had never been seen before.  There was a massive explosion, and when the dust cleared, both Pokémon had fainted.  Snorlax's attack had too much power for him to take the recoil.

The next match up was Weepinbell versus Jolt's Primeape.  Weepinbell spread Poisonpowder around the field, and Primeape coughed, but went in for a karate chop.  Weepinbell managed to hold Primape there with wrap, and squeezed the monkey tightly, slowly weakening Primeape's resolve with the poison and wrap.  Primape burst out of the wrap with such a force that could not be contained, and lifted Weepinbell high in the air before bringing it down hard with a Seismic Toss, knocking the grass-type out.

Hannibal was getting worried about his lack of useable Pokémon, but he wouldn't give up.  He sent out Alakazam, and Jolt returned Primeape and sent out Exeggutor.  Both Pokémon fired off massive Psychics, which collided in midair, and both Pokémon struggled to push it toward the other.  In the end, Alakazam won, and his mighty Psychic pushed Exeggutor back.  He finished the pesky grass-type with a Psybeam.  Jolt sent out Gyarados.

What happened next can only be described as chaos.  Psychics and Dragon Rages flew everywhere, one even landing dangerously close to Hannibal, and the dust cloud that was thrown up obscured all vision of the battle.  When the cloud settled, Alakazam had fainted.  Jolt returned Gyarados, and now Hannibal's only remaining Pokémon, Pidgeot, was against Primeape.

Pidgeot flew high into the sky while Primeape was slowly worn down by the poison before he fainted.  It unnerved Hannibal, though, because there was no way Jolt's careful and clever strategy would have let that happen.  He knew something was up, and then it hit him.  Pidgeot had been stranded at sea long ago, when Hannibal had found him, and he had been attacked by a Gyarados.  Jolt had caught that very Gyarados.

The moment Gyarados emerged, Pidgeot freaked out.  The Gyarados flew high into the air, chasing Hannibal's bird, until neither of them could be seen.

"Hannibal," Jolt called out, "No matter what happens, we played a good game."

"Agreed," Hannibal agreed, "We're friends no matter what, right?"

"Right," Jolt said.  Suddenly, Gyarados' hulking body crashed into the platform and it shattered, spreading dust everywhere.  When it cleared, Pidgeot was sitting calmly upon the unconscious body of his former enemy.  Hannibal was victorious.  He was the Pokémon master, overcoming all challenges, and following in the footsteps of the wandering old man, who he would never know went by the name of Ash Ketchum.

Sorry for making you lose, Jolt, but I couldn't think of anyone else better suited to play the role of Hannibal's rival.  Hope you liked it, Hannibal.