From the moment my teacher told me I should consider careers that might interest me, I always knew I wanted to “do something involving video games.” 

The primary answer to this search was game designer. The writing, design, and programming involved with the field have always intrigued me. It wasn’t until college that I realized it wouldn’t do to be confined to one title when so many others were releasing. Games journalism has given me an outlet where I can mesh my dual loves of video games and writing, while also experiencing as many games as possible. 

The interactivity of the medium has captivated me from the start, providing a thrill I can’t find in any other form. As a child, my favorite titles always expanded beyond the confines of virtual worlds. I imagined I was Snake, sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to take on Metal Gear Rex. The coming of age tale The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time played out in real life as I emerged from my brothers’ shadows to complete my own first playthrough. My childish fear of the dark was amplified by the fact that a Licker could very well be around every corner.  To this day, my favorite games still tend to touch on the realities that I understand. Writing has allowed me to express these ideas and emotions in a useful way. I still have the journal I used as a child to record notes on games I was playing. Among all of the dungeon maps, game ideas, and puzzle solutions, I stumble upon thoughts that bring me back in time.

I can be nostalgic. Memories of my siblings and I crowding around a television playing Super Mario Bros. or Wave Racer have carved a permanent wrinkle in my brain. I treasure these times because of the bonding experience games can impart. Zombies Ate My Neighbors isn’t the same without someone alongside me lobbing explosive popsicles. Although my family members and I have grown older, our love for games remains, and I’m sure that we’ll still be playing them together 10 years from now.

As an intern, I can’t wait to carry this love of games over to the Game Informer community. I’ve been writing on GIO for a few months now, and I’ve felt welcome since my first post. The knowledge of and passion for the medium are anything but lacking here, and I hope I can contribute a small part to that from now on.

The story of how I got here isn’t interesting at all. Like anyone passionate about something, I had a moment of realization when it became clear I needed to go for it. What I’m excited to share with the Game Informer community is why I’m here. 

I’m also excited that I can say I “do something involving video games.”