And no, this probably isn't what you're thinking exactly.

Unless you only play games like Call of Duty that require almost no emotional or personal investment, you've probably felt SOMETHING whenever you've played a game before. In here, I'm going to draw form my experience to talk about some more extreme cases. In the games I'm about to go over, there will be full spoilers for what has happened up to that point, however, given how far into the game it is, some of these may be worse than others. You have been warned.


Xenoblade Chronicles- Engage the Enemy

Time to get to this point: 30 minutes -2 hours

Depending on how many side quests you decided to do before this game threw you your first curve ball: Fiora dies. Even if you read the back cover of the game that said something like "A quest for Revenge" that totally takes away, surprise value of this, the song that's played during this scene just drives the point home. She's Dead. Fiora is dead. That Mechon killed my "Girl Friend." That Mechon has to die.


Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward- Opening/ Credits theme

Time to get to this point: Either 10 seconds or 10 hours

This is the first and the last thing you hear in this game, so it's got to be a song that really captures what a lot of the game is in essence. The psychological aspect of this is pretty apparent: it's a weird game that will keep you guessing, and so the song really captures the same elements. To this day, whenever I hear this song (or the song from the Predecessor, which is largely the same) I get the overwhemling feelings of: "Oh *** what's happening!" and "I can't believe what just happened."


Valkyria Chronicles- Rosie's Song (I can't remember the name, but it does have one)

Time to get to this point: 20 hours I think?

Talk about never saw it coming. Right when Isara and Rosie made up and were about to settle the whole sub-plot about Racism, Isara dies.  This song is impactful not only because it is sung by her grave, but because of everything it represents in the context of the story. Also, to my knowledge, 2 songs were written for this game 1 which is above and is sung in English, and another which was written for and sung in Japanese. So really it's a 2 for 1.


Infinite Space- Infinity Route

Time to get to this point: 58-70 hours

By this point in the game, you've fought in 7 wars, killed countless enemies, brought down entire nations (pretty much) by yourself, lost half a dozen crew members, and discovered that you're a pseudo-god. In this emotional battle, you fight Niall Emeron; who is basically the Infinite Space equivalent of Vaas from Far Cry 3. Not the final boss, but definitely the most emotional. In any one in this game is responsible for all the messed up things that happen over the course of this game, it's this guy. To this day, whenever I hear this song it brings to mind feelings of Triumph, contentment, and satisfied vengeance.


Well that's my list. Sound off in the comments below and add a few of your own songs. See Y'all tomorrow.