(Ironic picture, check)

So, this is my first makeup blog for my 27/27. I’m hoping that there won’t be anymore, but I can’t really say for sure considering that anything can happen in a week. As you can see by the title, this is just something that I threw together in 20 minutes. Or rather, I figured 20 minutes was a god amount of time to write something like this, so I looked at my watch, and told myself to start typing, and not to stop for another 20 minutes.

 I’m guessing I’ve started to ramble at this point? Maybe I should focus myself onto some train of thought. I know, I’ll just start talking about some of the stuff I did this weekend.

My Boy Scout Troop and I went camping at an undisclosed location in south Texas that allowed us to bring and shoot guns and such. My troop goes there every year and I always try to go with them because I can’t remember not enjoying myself there.

Onto the guns. Because I live in Texas, there are very few people with misgivings about gun owner ship, so there was some pretty decent variety for me to choose from. There were quite a few shotguns there, with which I tried to shoot skeet. I only got 3 out of 5 on my best run though. Ummm, someone brought a long bow, an honest to goodness Bow with a Quiver full of Arrows. I was pretty terrible at that too. Even at close range I could barely hit the target.  The only thing I did do moderately well in was shooting the .22 rifles.

Yep, give me 3 seconds to shoot a moving target, and I’ll miss. Give me an eternity to shoot a foam bull-eye from 10 feet and I’ll hit on the outermost ring, but give me a .22 caliber rifle with ironsides and I’ll put all ten bullets in the 9 ring from 50 yards.

Also, after seeing the movie from which the scene below was taken in the 70's, one of the leaders in my troop got working/firing model of the rifle from this scene:


When it got dark and we decided to have dinner, my Dad and all the other adult leaders let me have Chili with them because I was the oldest scout there by a year and a half. It was probably the best Chili I ever had (or ever will have, considering that Hunger is the best seasoning, and I really was hungry).

After dinner 90% of all the other scouts and I went out into the grassy/hilly fields where we were shooting only hours before and started playing “infiltration.” (Three guys stand in the campsite with flashlights, and everyone else tries to get in without drawing their attention) . And I’m still surprised at how seriously some guys take it. Seriously, one kid had a Ghillie suit; A real Ghillie suit with the hood and everything. Ya’ know what I had? A brown winter Jacket, a Ski mask, leather workout gloves, and patience. Granted, I didn’t win either of the games we played due to my aforementioned patience, but they never caught me at least.


Well, I’ve actually gone a bit overtime here, I still need to type up an essay for English and do the blog I’m supposed to do for today. So this is “The Enemy Gate is Down” signing off, for an hour or two.