One assignment I was given from school asks you to analyze you "Facebook page" from the perspective of someone on the Internet who has never (and probably will never) met/meet you. This is pretty much copy/pasted what I did for that assignment.


I don't have a Facebook, Twitter, or any of those things. But, I do have Game Informer Online, which features several Social Media functions which I can employ to do this assignment.

My username is 'The Enemy Gate is Down" which, when taken in combination with the assertion that I'm a fan of the novel "Ender's Game" automatically shows that A. I'm not afraid to make a reference to something that someone won't understand and B. I don't mind explaining things if you don't understand. I work a delicate balancing act of telling people about myself, but not telling them enough for them to steal any information or anything. Therefore at times it seems dry and paranoid. To counteract this, you see a lot of my favorite cartoons and a variety of Comics and other whimsical images all thrown there to add levity and give you a better idea of my tastes. Thus my character, my Ethos, is established.

I'm careful never to offend anyone unless that's my intent, and when I am dead set on doing that, I only do it through Private messages which only the other person and I can see. This shows that I follow general internet "rules" of conversation. Unless it is plainly visible that a person frequently starts flame wars of any kind on their page and others, people assume that they don't. In addition to that, when I do speak for all to see, I am not afraid to use a rather academic vocabulary and voice, seeing how that reflects my actual speech patterns.

I post the list of games that I've played, and the games I want to play to show the people who see the page that I do take my gaming seriously, and that even though I haven't played every classic game that I wanted, I still know a quality game when I see it. The ability to know which games are good, which games aren't, and to have the show in your comments, automatically gives you credibility because it shows you know what you're talking about.

The balancing act of the Internet is a dangerous thing. Unless you know how to make yourself seem real without giving away too much personal information, you risk getting your identity stolen. Unless you know what you're talking about, you seem like an idiot.


If you're reading, this, would you comment below, or in my profile and tell me how I did with this? See Y'all tomorrow.