While morbid, this is certainly a topic that we should all be aware of. Ever since the 1960’s humanity has been reaping the rewards of a system that seemed too good to be true. That system is Moore’s law, and it’s going to crumble, sooner rather than later.

In 1965 Gordon E. Moore (one of the founders of Intel), published a paper that explained a phenomenon that became known as Moore’s law. Every 2 years, the amount of data that can be stored on a Microchip of any given size doubles, and the cost to do so gets cut in half; that’s Moore’s law in a Nut shell. The problem is this isn’t a natural law it’s only an observes phenomenon; It’s just about as true as me consistently predicting which side a coin lands on. Even if it can be predicted repeatedly, it’s still not a force of nature that obeys natural laws.

The problem with Moore’s law, and  some more information about it, is in the video below.



                So because the laws of Physics itself are working against us, by 2020 it will be impossible for computer to improve… using transistors. That means that all the Computers that were “top of the line” and “cutting edge” that year will remain the best, forever. Gaming PC’s will stay the same quality wise (unless they get really massive), and consoles will only last to 2027 at best (that’s approximately when the last generation would come out if we stay on a 5-7 year cycle.)

Just about everything now has a computer somewhere on it. Just think about what will happen when it just… stops.


This is a much more of a dour subject that I’m used to addressing, I’ll talk about something more positive tomorrow.