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Today's game

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods and Kings

If it's possible to hate something for being Awesome, than that's what I feel about Steam. That dang Winter Sale took SO much money out of my bank account. Civilization V and the "Gods and Kings" DLC was one of those games.

            Up to that point, my only experience with the Civilization Franchise was the overly simple Civilization Revolution DS port (which I rather enjoyed). So it was a bit of a shock jumping into this bad boy. My biggest adjustment to this game: hexagonal tiles instead of squares.

I felt overwhelmed at the sheer options the game provided; Dozens of civ, countless maps, intriguing scenarios, this is a game you could spend eternity in and never see quite the same scenario twice.  Regardless of culture shock and growing pains, I was totally immersed. This is the franchise that all but invented/perfected the "1 more turn feeling." And this game did not disappoint.

Building a Civilization from the ground up feels immensely satisfying, and for a time I was seriously addicted to this game. Unfortunately, the only way I was only able to save myself by using the technique biologist's use when a bacterium adapts to a chemical: use a stronger chemical. In this instance, that "chemical" was FTL: Faster Than Light.

In Conclusion, I enjoyed this game in all its variety. I know that I will always have this game to come back to when I'm in a slump and have lots of free time. I give it a 9.1. That's all I have for today. Tomorrow I'm going to compile all these games into a real top ten list, and from there I'll be able to write about whatever I want for the rest of January.