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The game I'll be talking about today:

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoners: Soul Hackers

Since I was born in '97 and unable to experience it myself, I often wondered what I missed in the 90's that gave a lot of people nostalgia for it. After playing Soul Hackers, I had enough of the 90's.

Shin Megami Tensei is very much like Pokémon, a much more difficult and mature version of Pokémon. You have you monsters (demons in this case), you encounter wild ones which you can recruit, eventually you fight other people who also control demons, and the combat is usually as simple as "use whatever element the enemy is weak to." The only difference, gameplay wise, with the aforementioned pocket monsters, is the fact that the "Summoners" also battle alongside the demons.

The biggest augment to the games difficulty is the fact that the main character is a devoted physical attacker, and has to be placed on the front lines in order to fight. Death to the main character means game over by the way. In addition to that, your girlfriend (who I'll talk about later) is a devoted magical attacker who can't take too much damage. So the game, forces your tactics by making you keep you rather meaty, yet important, protagonist character on the front lines, while keeping the leading lady at the back. That's 1/3 of the party formation already decided, and there's nothing you can really do about it.

This may sound like a bad thing, but it's actually kind of fun to be constantly put in charge of a bad tactical situation and making things work.

Now on to the main thing I like about Soul Hackers, the characters. I gotta say it, even after playing Fire Emblem: Awakening, if I had to choose one girl from a video game I played in 2013 to be by my side, I'd pick Nemissia from Soul hackers (the girlfriend I mentioned earlier). In short, she's awesome in all the ways Midna from Twilight Princess was; Witty, sarcastic, and just fun to be around. Not to mention that she's voiced by one of my favorite voice actresses.

And speaking of Voices, this game has full voice acting, a feature I was surprised to see in a 3DS game. Apparently, Soul Hackers was originally released on the Sega Saturn in the late 90's, then on to the original PlayStation 2 years later. Both of these were in Japan by the way. It wasn't until April of 2013 that it was released on the 3DS in the US. Having all that extra space on the game cartridge and a limited budget probably, the developer, Atlus, was given a choice: Update the graphics, or throw in Voice acting. They sprung for the latter. This choice is apparent when you see Soul Hackers and SMT 4 another Shin Megami Tensei game that came out last year.

(Soul Hackers gameplay)

(SMT4 gameplay)                                                                    

           Regardless of its weird graphics and daunting challenge, I liked SMT4... because of its weird graphics and daunting challenge. I give it an 8.666. Welp, That's all I got for today. Sound off in the comments below and I'll see you guys tomorrow.