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Today's game:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I think it's worth the reminder that I'm reviewing the games I've played last year, not of the games that came out last year... I didn't play enough of those. Regardless, I'm going to talk about what seems to be everybody's favorite legend of Zelda game, Twilight Princess.

When it first released alongside the Wii, my body just wasn't Reggie for it; I was VERY inexperienced when it came to video games. In hindsight however, I realized that this might be for the best because I remember that I hated games that I was terrible at (and thus the reason I only played Kingdom Hearts once), and a games as awesome as this doesn't deserve the blind hate of a little boy.

The basic LOZ formula is intact here, but with one pretty big tweak; your companion character, Midna, is quite possible one of the best characters, male of female, to come out of Nintendo ( she's definitely better than this one at least.) And while the atmosphere (which I'll get to later) of this game is definitely cool, In my opinion, it is definitely Midna. She just so brimming with personality that that it makes her fun to be around and interact with; and that thing that happened at the end of the game that I don't want to spoil!  

*takes breath*

Okay, let's talk about something less spoiler filled and busty; let's talk about the other thing that set Twilight Princess apart from the other games in the Franchise: the Atmosphere. This game certainly takes it atmosphere pretty seriously, it was the first game I encountered that asked me to change the brightness settings of my TV in order to play it. At the time, I remember that that was a pretty big deal to me. And the game doesn't have you tweak you Televisions in vain; the game beautifully mixes Black and yellow to form mesmerizing scenes of Twilight. At times, it was breathtaking. The darker color pallet and general mood definitely stand to be a defining feature of this title, a feature that has worked in the past, and may even work in the future...

Now because I only beat the final dungeon and boss in 2013 (I played most of the game the year before and got burnt out after playing a lot), most of the minor details of the game are hazy. I will say this though. That sand temple, best boss fight in the franchise period.

(sorry former number 1, but this guy is everything you were, and more)  

I loved Twilight Princess, and while it may be the nostalgia speaking, I'm just going to go ahead and give it a 10. Well, that all I got for today. Sound off in the comments and I'll see y'all tomorrow!