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My game for today:

FTL: Faster than Light


            43 hours. 50 games played. 1 victory… on easy.  To say that FTL: Faster than light is a hard game, would be like saying that the sky is blue, or the PS2 was amazing. IT IS IMPLIED! Regardless of its daunting difficulty, I enjoyed my time with FTL: Faster than light. Every. Difficult. Minute. of it.

            In FTL you are the last hope of the Galactic Federation as the Rebellion grinds down the last of the Federation Fleet. Your task is simple: deliver the “top secret” information about the rebel flagship to the Final Federation Fleet… on the other side of the galaxy. And did I mention that the Federation officers who gave you your mission were so tight on resources that you were given a ship that not only didn’t have enough people, but could barely swat a fly?


(have fun!!)

            The main draw of FTL is the difficulty and sense of progression it creates of course. You may start out with only an ion cannon and an Anti-Ship drone, but by the time you get to the end, you’ve got the best drones in the game and weapons big enough to take down smaller ships in a single barrage. This sense of bad@ssery is what makes FTL great.

            Ascetics wise, I can’t complain. The Pixelated visuals look good, and the soundtrack gets the job done. While the character models are a little vague, I guess this is partly to encourage people to re-draw them via Deviantart and such, like so:


(Google is great, ain’t it?)

            And another thing, FTL can be a pretty funny game when it wants to. Adding to the absurdity of how your commanding officers start you, the game is packed to the gills with references to all kinds of space related stuff. In my run-throughs, I saw hidden and overt references to 2001: A space odyssey, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Portal 2.

(Turn up the volume as loud as it can go, there is no such thing as too loud with this one)

Anyway, FTL is a game that is great for those who are willing to learn, and want a challenge. If you don’t fall into those category’s don’t get it. Because I’m in a good mood after recently beating it, I’m going to give it a 10.


Well, that’s all I got for today. Sound off in the comments and I’ll see Y’all tomorrow.