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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening came out on February 4th, by the end of February, I had logged more than 115 hours into the game. I think you can safely say that I liked the game and had fun with it.

The turn based combat system is easy to get into, and tough to master. This is because of all nuances of information that you must absorb when you play. Yeah, you can get by if you just send Fredrick in to tank it up, or you can learn the game and raise all your characters so that Frederick seems wimpy in comparison. There's the basic Rock-Paper-Scissors triangle of Axes-Lances-Swords. But there's an also Magic attacks which require a different defense stat, and then there's the archers who attack from a distance, and flying enemies which can go long distances and do lots of damage but are weak to archers and certain types of magic.

Without shame I'm going to say that I did a lot of mental math while I was playing this game (In the harder difficulty settings especially). This is another feature that I liked about Fire Emblem. Unlike in other RPG's I've played, the stats are very simple. 1 defense stat negates 1 physical attack damage point; 1 Magic stat adds 1 to the magic damage you do, etc. When it's this simple to figure out exactly what an enemy will do damage and defense wise, it only encourages the player to do the math and better understand the game. It's tidbits of design like that that really make this a fun game to play.

(this isn't exactly relevant to what I was saying, but it's funny no?)

The story, which is usually the focus of JRPG's, was lackluster in this game. Don't get me wrong, it gets the job done, but that's about it. Really, (besides the fact that item and stat distribution is random,) the only replay value in here is the support conversations. I was pleasantly surprised at this, that the all the side conversations which had nothing to do with the story really fleshed it out more than anything. I honestly enjoyed all of them and plan on (eventually) seeing every one.

Fire Emblem: Awakening was great, it wasn't perfect, but it was a ton of fun and I don't regret any of my time with it. I give it a 9.

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