Today I'm going to be starting my top Dek (10) series for 11 Ɛ9 (2013). Now I'm going to be doing this in a way that will allow me to milk this topic as much as possible. I'm going to do a review blog for each of the games that will be in my top Dek; then on the Ɛth day, I'll arrange them into a proper list. This is a list of my favorite games that I've PLAYED in 11 Ɛ9, not of the games that I've finished/ beaten, or a list of my favorite games that came out that year. Now there are some games that I thought about putting on this list, but decided against doing so, because I figured that I'd have better opinions on them once I've beaten them. The number one on top there only means that this is the first game I'm showcasing, NOT that it's my favorite game of the previous year. Now that we have all that out of the way, let's move onto today's game.



Gunpoint is an "Action, Strategy, Indie" game for PC developed by Suspicious Developments .  But if you ask me, it's more of a puzzle/stealth game really, because you spend a majority of each level strategizing how to get from point A, to point B. Usually this requires going to point C and killing guard D without attracting the attention of guards D and E.

The game starts out with Freelance spy Richard Conway (or as my friend accurately and fondly called/calls him, "Special Agent Deadpool, Ace Defective"), trying on this newest and most hilarious gadget: Bullfrog Hyper-Trousers... I did not make that up. The players use said Hyper-Trousers in fits of Badassery that usually entail jumping through the window on the second story of a building silently, sneaking up behind a guard by using the pants to jump onto the ceiling, and then pushing him out the window and to his death. If this sounds like a lot of fun, it's because it is.

There is one other gadget in his arsenal that makes this game as fun as it is, and that is the WireJack. To put it simply, the WireJack allows you to hack into a buildings electrical grid, and change the wiring of everything. Want that light switch to call an elevator? Want that motion sensor to open a door? Want that security camera to open a trap door causing a guard to fall to his death? All this and more is possible using the WireJack.

Don't let all the talk of death and murder get to you, this is a comedy game through and through; it has a razor wit, and it's not afraid to slap you with it. I found myself laughing out loud at times to Conway's hilarious responses. Other times I just grinned and snickered at the level design whenever I had one of those "Oh, if I string these together, I can do this!" moments. Also, that talk of killing at the beginning of the paragraph wasn't just an idle reference, some of the funniest things in the game happen when you kill some of the games guards. Like so:

Gunpoint however is not a perfect game. It can be a bit Vulgar at times, especially when talking to the game's antagonist. It's also the shortest game I have on this list. If you ask me, the length of a game is only a problem if you can play through the entire thing in one sitting. *sigh* I just don't like short games.

The only other thing I can think to add to the list of things I don't like is actually one of the design decisions within it that in hindsight is pretty clever. After completing every level, you get money based on your performance. The better you do, the more you get. Unfortunately, it's calculated out so that you have to do every level perfectly to buy all the upgrades. Granted, this just makes the way you have to use money strategic, but on the whole it just feels frustrating.  


On the whole however, GunPoint is a good game. I give it a solid 9. It would be hard to find a better way to spend 5 hours for ten dollars.

Well, that's it for today, thanks for reading, and see y'all tomorrow.