I’m not one to mince words (too much), so I’ll just come out and say it. The Nintendo 3DS eShop does demo’s right.* There are three things that just really make it for me. In this blog, I’ll be talking about each of them. Also, in the spirit of demos, I'm going to type this in the time it takes my 3DS to download the Demo for Bravery Default.


1.      All Free


The first big thing is that it doesn’t cost anything to play the demo of a game. In contrast to PSN where you need to be a member of PlayStation Plus to play a game demo, this is really significant.


2.      It doesn’t take too long


Looking over, at the progress bar, I can see that it's already about half way downloaded. This brings me to my next point.  It’s awesome that the entire thing downloads in 20 minutes or less. (I realize that this is because it’s a portable game) Console and PC game Demo’s take a while because the games are bigger (I realize that). But if you have a mind set on playing a game demo, and you have a time crunch, the Nintendo eShop is your best bet.


3.      Transferable progress


And finally for the biggest reason that I wrote this blog, transferable game progress. In which, the progress you make in the demo, transfers over to the game. Now this isn’t a wide spread feature unfortunately, as only 2 developers have thought to do this (Atlus and Square Enix), but I really hope this feature catches on with everybody. It just makes sense not to make the player go through the first hour of a game more than once. I really just hope that this becomes an industry standard within this generation.


Well, the demo finished downloading when I typed that last sentence, so I figure that that's a good a place to stop as any. I'll leave you guys with a comic strip and a disclaimer.


*Disclaimer: I have no idea how game demo’s work on Xbox live, so I can only speak from experience.